Wishful Wednesday on Friday

I could wish for world peace. How boring is that? I mean do I really give you the impression I could pull off a beauty contestant  or peace ambassador?
I wish I had the winning number for that 425 million dollar jackpot last week. Oh don’t act like you weren’t sitting home watching the balls drop hoping it was you. I bet some of you already had your letters of resignation written.

As school starts again I have some good old fashioned wishes that aren’t much different then the wishes I had as a kid getting ready to start school. I want to be the best in my class. Number 2 is great but I do wish I was number 1.

I wish my first book of poetry A Stroke of Life and my first novel Prey for ME and Pray for Them would appear on the New York Times’ bestseller list at the same time.

I hope the University of Michigan has an undefeated season goes to the Rose Bowl and crushes Yuck Eye State. Hey I’m a Michigan Girl GOOOOO BLUE! 

I wish we lived on a world where racism wasn’t still so rampant. I wish people didn’t believe just because our Commander in Chief is black that racism is over. It’s no. It’s alive and well and tonight my biggest wish is that we could all come together, put all the hate and hurt behind us. I wish we could have a funeral for racism and hate and bury them once for all.

Those are my wishes for this Wednesday, even though I didn’t get around to them until Friday. Peace Love and Style.

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  2. World peace is a nice wish since everyone deserves a peaceful life in this world and without experience distress and hunger from war. Good luck in having the winning number for the jackpot. Whoever had the winning number for that jackpot is definitely lucky. I still hear of racist news or remark somewhere but those people are being punished for making such mistakes.

  3. Your Wolverines will be seeing my Huskers on 11/09. It should be a great game!

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