Pay it Forward Part II

It’s been a rough couple of days.  To be honest I haven’t felt like paying much forward but grief, and broken trust.  A lot of people break or lose it when they get hurt.  I get stronger, better. I take the pain and use it to my advantage.   Which is why I always thank my haters and dream killers. I can’t really go into what happened the last few days, but I can say  always trust your gut, you are all you have. Fortunately that isn’t true for me. I have a complete core. My mom and Nick and a few others never break my trust. It’s when you expect it the least it cuts the deepest and the blindside is the worse.
Not every relationship is a romantic one. No matter what kind of a relationship you are in when people you thought you could trust betray you and twist your words and events it blind sides you. It would be one thing if some things said were true or if they had presented both sides of the equation. But to be tried in a kangaroo court with only a one sided story was really hard. But I promised you a feel good pay it forward moment right? So despite the buildup you’ll get it.  Just wanted you to know how I got to the silver lining and rainbows.

1. Never forget who you are, where you are going, or your purpose.

2. You can let someone who doesn’t mean that much, if anything to you break you and kill your dreams, or you can take the negative and turn it into a positive.

3. Never defend yourself against lies. I forgot that the other day, the truth never needs support and in the end truth always prevails.

4. It frustrates people who don’t want you succeed a lot more when you ignore them and soar higher then they dreamed possible.

5. You don’t have to be miserable just because people around you are. Be happy.  Enjoy life.  Let les miserables do them. Separate yourself from them or drown with them.

6. Every one wasn’t designed to be part of the group. Somebody has to venture out on their own path. Someone needs to be creative,  someone needs to defend those who are defenseless. Sometimes doing the right thing can get you in trouble. Still do the right thing the trouble will take care of itself.

So my friends, here is my PAY IT FORWARD advice: live your life,  have fun, be kind to yourself and others. Never do anything you wouldn’t want your mom to find out about. Remember even JESUS had doubters. Never let anyone  be bullied. Defend the defenseless. No matter who wants you to sweep something under the rug speak up when ever and where ever injustice occurs. You might have to go through a thunderstorm because of it, but I promise you there will be rainbows, silver linings, and laughter.

The rain is easing up, its just misting now. I see the rainbows and silver linings on the horizon and you all know that means I’m about to soar.

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