Small Thanks

 I am grateful for more things than I can count today. But today I’m not going to bore you with all the big giant things I am grateful or thankful for. Nope, today is just about the little things.

1.Laughing until tears fall or a baby’s giggle

2. Summer cook-outs with all the old school jams playing

3. Waking up and listening to Nick’s heartbeat in rhythm with mine

4. My mama taught me how to throw down in the kitchen

5. Sunsets okay I love sunrises also. But since I have insomnia, I’m not always as happy as to see the              sunrise on another day as I am to see nightfall again. But hey, sunrise it’s me not you.

6. There are only 4 days until the MIGHTY MICHIGAN WOLVERINES kick off their season

7. 14 Days until NFL practice ends and Football begins.

8. No matter how bad I act I can always look my mom in the eye. I never have to be ashamed of me. Even when being me gets us into big trouble.

9. Such a great number that number 9 who couldn’t love it? Football season starts in the 9th month so there       you go.

10. Most grateful because I know where ever this journey I am on takes me, I’ll never walk alone.

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