Pay it Forward Awards 8/30/2013

1. SHARENE BRASH for continuous service to her community and raising awareness and funds for brain cancer research.
2. MS. CARSON for overwhelming compassion and dedication to her students. Ms. CARSON is committed to helping her students excel and obtain higher goals.

3.  FINDSOMEJOY.WORDPRESS.COM   For continuous kindnesses to humanity and sparking the idea of Pay  it Forward Fridays on A STROKE OF LIFE. Sometimes we all need a little push.

Sorry today’s Pay it Forward blog is so short.  However each of this week’s winners are stellar.  They go over and beyond to make this world a better place for each  of us. Someyi es the act is monumental, but oftentimes it’s the smallest acts they show to others that makes the biggest difference. Going to college is hard, going as an advanced student can be almost impossible.  Ms. CARSON motivates all of her students letting them know education is obtainable at any edge.

Sharene Brash is in constant motion helping her family, friends, and strangers achieve a higher quality of life. Thus woman has touched my heart is in ways words could never express.  She has become a beacon of hope and light for all those around her.

As I mentioned earlier in the post,  very early on while writing this blog I ran across Find Some Joy.   Her pay it forward idea to give a gift card sparked me to do at least one thing each week to pay all the good in my life forward. That idea grew into me not only paying it forward each week but also to acknowledging others paying it forward. If we all do a little, it’ll mean a lot.

See you tomorrow.  Same bat channel sometime after My Michigan Wolverines kick off their football season. Until then blessings, peace, love and style.

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