Damaged Air

Before 9/11 I loved to fly

Now, the thought makes my heart beat so swift I know I will die

I try to be strong, try not cry

Inside I know that if I board I’ll die

Taking 3 day trains

Why do I try to  explain

To them it’s a tired old refrain

They tell me it’s no big deal

If it’s your time your name will come up on the big wheel

But it wasn’t their fate 9/ll gave a shiny embossed seal

Do the shower at 3 am rinsing off imaginary charcoal and smoke

Are they there when I scream out and Nick has to poke and poke

All because I’m still choking on Pentagon smoke

Nope they just don’t understand it’s my new reality

This is post 9/11 me

I know you can’t live in fear

I love you but I can’t get on that plane my dear


Though this is a poetic journey, clearly my Wednesday Wish is to fly again.  The world has become too large living it on land. There isn’t always someone going to be my side to hold my hand.  This Wednesday Wish is more like a prayer Lord give me the strength I need to soar, to fly, and the faith to know I won’t die.

Peace, Blessings and Style

  • Skydivers Barely Escape Mid-Air Collision [Video] (wild941.cbslocal.com)
  • This Is What It Looks Like After A 747 Smashes Into A Bird In Mid-Air (businessinsider.com)
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