Holiday Styling

I know you stylish fashionistas want to be the talk of all the holiday balls.  If that is the case, now  is the time to check in on TRUNKSHOW BOUTIQUE. You will find the perfect accessories to get that look every one will be wishing they found first. Real divas set trends not follow them.  No matter whether your style is classy cool like Olivia Pope, flamboyant like Cher,  or crazy sexy cool like the ladies on Basketball Wives or  The Housewives of  Beverly Hills or Atlanta, TrunkShow Boutique has you covered. With free shipping during the holidays how could you possibly go wrong?




TrunkShow also makes it easy for the men in our lives to do all their shopping without missing the game on Sunday. It’s so easy to place an order during  halftime of the football or basketball game and have your beloved’s gift on the way and even wrapped and never leave your arm chair.


Customers in the DC metro area can contact TrunkShow Boutique about hosting a pop up party. You and your guests can have all your shopping done in one afternoon and look fabulous before the turkey comes out the oven on Thanksgiving.  Not to mention she usually throws in a little something something extra divalicious for the host.


I only gave you  a few sneak peeks this month family. Take an early lunch break and find your new fab trademark look.  I assure you, TrunkShow has all the looks you are looking for. Your challenge is getting to the website and placing your order before I do. I promise you darlings I will be simply fabulous and marvelous from now until the Super Bowl. I know for most of you the holidays end January 1st.  However; darlings one must continue to represent and look simply divine through the NFL playoffs.



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