Want vs. Need

Flying in rare air

Waking up next to my man and wanting to be there

Feels good having a P.H.D in taking care of me

I know that’s a definite certainty

Many nights  I stayed

Only because the bills needed to be paid

Wanting to scream

Lost my self esteem

Lost my  ability to dream

Wasn’t a good fit

Now I am in charge of the throne on which I sit

 Played Bonnie to a Clyde

It’s true I took that ride

Called myself Anna Mae

Cuz I woke up with Ike beating me day after day

Then I found my rare air

I can’t tell you how good it feels living in this air

I went from being Bonnie taking rides with Clyde

To doing it like Michelle and Obama

Now it’s pride I see on the face of my mama

Let me give credit where credit is due

I found a man to love me through

More importantly I found the real me too

Nick did more than that

He showed me how to have my own back

Have to always be able to pick up your own slack

Weakness  allows the hunters to attack

When you see me with Nick 

I know you get sick

Memories floating by real quick

Hurting knowing you had the million dollar pick

All my paper is legit

This is my destiny, I mean it’s kismet

Flying in rare air

My king and an unbeatable pair

Want vs. need

Yes indeed

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