Are you Serious Right Now?

I hate to say everyone has lost their mind but me, but it’s starting to look like the only people with both oars in the water are me, my mom and Nick. To be frank Nick is suspect too,  just because he’s in love with me. Something has to be wrong with that picture. You know I will call a spade spade. He could do better, but again let’s not go over board. He can’t do much better. 🙂  I  mean I am a diva.
First I have to ask WHY WHY WHY does the news keep reporting and telling us about people who have gone so overboard that all they are now is a Saturday Night Live skit. We all all know the last time Saturday Night live was funny was when Eddie Murphy was on it. I know you want examples don’t worry I have them for you in spades. 🙂  First KimYe AKA Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Why is Kim’s name first? I guess it’s true you can get top billing on your back. Now the most ridiculous thing about this relationship is that Kanye formerly the man who warned all men about dating gold diggers has falling in love with, impregnated and now proposed to the biggest gold digger in history. It’s true I looked in Webster’s yesterday and under gold digger there was a picture of Kim Kardashian taking a meeting with Kris Jenner.

I’m not done with the why is this happening portion of this post. When the good citizens of Washington DC re-elected the best mayor (in their opinion) in the city’s history they were laughed at because he was a crack head. Now the Mayor of Toronto is selling bobble/crack head dolls in his image to promote or poke fun at his use of crack. Hmmm How much of that money is going to the tax payers in Toronto? You know me I’m just full of curiousitiy.

Why is Demi Lovato’s hair tourquise? Surely that is a mistake, right?  Miley Cyrus ugh there aren’t any words just please stop. At this point the only thing she can do that might shock us is marry Justin Bebier and have a menage a trios at a brothel in Brazil. Please both of you just Stop. It’s not entertaining and right now you are both making Chris Brown and Lindsey Lohan look sane.

Back to the super fools. You know I mean Kim and Kanye. 1. We are supposed to be excited because he showed her naked in his latest video . REALLY. Are you kidding me? More people have seen Kim nude and the insides of her female parts than the amount of people on Grey’s Anatomy who have had sex in a hospital storage room or closet. It’s not like she leaves much to the imagination. I mean Kanye if you are excited and head over the moon because you caught the supreme gold digger great. I think every man should be proud of what his wife does and believe no one does it better. Ask Nick, he’ll tell you no one knows sports better than me. Well that is debatable, but the fact that your girl is a “ho” we all know that. You really look silly comparing her to Michelle. I know you said on a radio show recently that you were from Chitown and Barack better keep your baby mama’s name out your mouth. Um okay.  Or what Kanye? What  are you going to do but get knocked out like Debo in Friday, if you are lucky. I would hate for the secret service to make you look like a punk in front of your adoring fans. I can guarantee if you approach Barack your next conversation on stage with “white Jesus” may be postponed.  Your jaw has been wired once already. Do you not talk to Jay-Z anymore? Surely he has told you taking on the  leader of the free world is not smart. Even the Republicans want no part in this. The secret service isn’t big on threats. Even ones from fools. Really they gave you a pass once. I don’t think you have unlimited passes but hey I was never secret service so o I can’t say for sure.

I know that seems like a lot of fools for one week. But this last one is going to be brief. Well actually  there are two. Fool 1. The woman who would decide to live in with George Zimmerman and then be shocked he assaulted her,) allegedly). Lady come on are you kidding. He killed a defenseless kid, then pulled a gun on his WIFE who lied on the stand to help him go free, not to mention his past issues with the law. You thought he was just going to cuddle with you. I am a victim of domestic violence  and even I have no pity for you.  Don’t start none won’t be none. You should have done all of us a favor bought some skittles, and ice tea and stood your ground. They’d still be finding pieces of GZ.  2.In the dumbest thing since OJ was acquitted for murder GZ just keeps testing us. Ok buddy. Sooner or later someone is going to give you what you are asking for. I hate that because that won’t bring Treyvon Martin back and I’m sure his parents won’t feel like they got justice.

As you can see clearly the world has gone mad. There doesn’t seem much we can do about it so I suggest we ignore the dumb stuff and do something productive. Sign up to be an on organ donor. Donate some blood this weekend. Donate to a homeless shelter this weekend. But whatever you do try to ignore the nonsense. It really is just a diversion from your real purpose.

Peace, Love and Style. See you tomorrow same bat channel, same bat time.

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