Blended Legacies

I’ve spent a lot of time in family mode lately. First the holidays swooped in and then being a glutton for punishment I volunteered for our reunion committee. I know, like I have time to add one more stroke to my palate right now. I hold my reunion duties and my classes completely responsible for being MIA last week sorry fam. But I digress we were talking about families. I guess I take my family for granted. I don’t mean to. I don’t even know I’m doing it until I see or hear other people interact with their families. During the holidays I kept hearing people say how long are the holidays, I can’t stand (insert family member). Facebook was full of I am so ready for my family to leave posts. Um I hope you aren’t friends with the family member you just blasted on facebook. Does anyone else feel uncomfortable when they read a post about someone’s dysfunctional family? Oh it’s just me, yeah right. #Awkward

We don’t have step children or parents in our family. I’m sure there are 1 or 2 rebels, but as a whole come one come all. I was working on our family tree when it struck me I can’t remember if they are blood or blended. You know what it doesn’t matter. We are all part of 1 amazing family I’m telling you there are levels to this family. Not having steps is great. We are blended into one mish mash. Our family is the new Cheers, everyone knows your name and everybody belongs. You decide you want to be a little off beat or dysfunctional, even better. While most families and people would ridicule you for such nonsense, not mine. Nope, these ahem special people celebrate and applaud your dysfunction and weirdness like it’s the best thing ever. In this family and others like it, it is. What have we gotten for the hassel of throwing the mold away and letting people be who they are? A happy family full of people who are not afraid to dream or afraid to be different, or even to fail. The courage to be different and failure are stairsteps to success. Let your kids fly off the beaten path. Let them be a little unconventional, let them dream then watch them succceed.

Of course there are pitfalls to having a family like this. About 90% of us are frustrated comedians. About 65% of the 90% are funnier then many of the people getting paid for comedy. Drawback number 1 the reunion committee is going to have to purchase adult diapers so people aren’t leaking and laughing. Draeback number 2 I have to broach the subject to my family

Special parents are another pitfall. My brother and I are both older than 35. We have both had jobs that required travel. Everytime we travel our beloved mom says don’t talk to strangers. as a girl I get the added bonus of: do not go into dark areas in case some man is lurking. 😊 Ok mom. We always smile and nod our head because even as grownups she’s still mom. She still loves us in that fierce mama bear way and when we go home she makes all our favorite food. That’s love. That is family.  That is dysfunction at its best. Plus onr day my dad us going to buy my brother a rainbow. I hope it comes with a private island, I need a vacation.

Love, blessings and style

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