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Trunkshow  Boutique is changing the landscape of fashion one statement piece at a time.  While the average woman can’t go out and obtain a head to toe run way look a few accessories and a little flair can help you create a signature look at every price point.  From now through May 25, 2014 style  will be a little easier on the wallet.  Trunkshow Boutique shoppers who use code SPRG 4WD   by 5/25/ 14 will save 30% on their entire order. Be sure to check out Trunkshow Boutique’s website and get the hottest looks of the summer delivered to you.

Online shopping isn’t the only way to buy Trunskshow Boutique’s stylish accessories. Trunkshow Boutique is available for private parties, pop-up shops and special events  in the  metro areas of: Washington DC, – Baltimore MD, – Richmond VA, –  Charlotte NC, – and New York City. Contact Sharene Brash via email at for more information about hosting a pop-up shop or scheduling a special event.

Fashionistas and business owners in the Washington DC metro area can shop and network at Trunkshow Boutique’s Spring Networking Extravaganza Saturday June 7, 2014  3pm – 7pm.  The Spring Networking Extravaganza is a free event hosted by Trunkshow Boutique bringing small business owners in the fashion industry closer to the stylish set in the #DMV.  Vendors will be on hand giving out samples, providing product demonstrations and selling a variety of  items. Trunkshow Boutique and other vendors will be handing out swag bags while supplies last.  If you’re a business owner trying to increase your brand this is an event you can’t afford to miss. If you’re a consumer and you need a little help pulling your signature look together check out the Spring Networking Event. Sharene Brash is a stylist and personalized shopper who specializes in cultivating looks that are unique, fashionable, and trendy. Tickets and more information can be found by clicking on the following link:  Trunkshow Boutique will be hosting several networking events this summer at THE ARC. Dates and information for future events can also be found at



Looking for a fun bachelorette activity? Trunkshow Boutique has you covered. Have brunch at  PHAZE 10 with the bridal party and shop while dining on delicious food.  Trunkshow Boutique will also be a featured vendor at the  new stage play Poor Girl  Rich Girl.  Poor Girl Rich Girl is the perfect way to kick off a girls’ night of fun. The STAXX CORDERO stage production heads to DC Saturday June 21, 2014. The summer is made for fun and stylish events. Let Trunkshow Boutique help you get ready to put your best foot forward.

Coco Chanel once said, “Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is my runway.” Whatever you’re doing when you step out the house, look good doing it. Let Trunkshow Boutique  help you find your niche. A well dressed  woman leaves an impression and  always makes a stunning statement.

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