Small moments can turn into great moments, so be ready

Okay, I know I promised to share my inspiration  two weeks ago last Friday. Unfortunately life happens and now I’m a week behind. But here goes. Inspired  by a blogger who gave a random stranger a gift card for pet supplies I thought long and hard, What can I do to make the world a little better for someone else.Week one:

Every time I knew I was leaving the house the next day I froze several bottles of water, It is extremely hot and humid here in New Orleans. As I went on my daily errands I passed out the cool refreshing water to post men, UPS workers, and RTA bus and trolley drivers and of course women with children. I can’t explain the feeling it give me to share something as simple as water on days that people really in need it.
Week 2.

I went to the grocery store and purchased some of my favorite child hood ice-cream truck snacks. I set my phone to sound like an ice cream truck and then I stood outside in my parking lot and passed out ice cream to the children and their parents until it was all gone. Will this disband The United Nations? Of course not but we can all do something to no matter how large or small to make our communities better. It’s inpsiration Friday. Do something to inspire yourself and someone who needs it and least expects to get that love and support. We are all in this together. HAPPY FRIDAY

  1. I don’t know if I made their day but being able to spread a little human kindness made mine. FindSomeJoy you were the nudge I needed. Keep inspiring people blessings to you

  2. Wow what great ideas to pay it forward!! I bet you made each person’s day!

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