Never Ever Means Never.

I realize that some people say things they don’t mean. I am not one of those people. When I say I NEVER EVER want to talk to you, see or acknowledge your existence that’s what I mean. It’s not a suggestion to call me in 6 months to see if things have changed. I mean IT’s OVER. No coming back, no flowers, and dinner will definitely not fix it. I hope my mom isn’t reading this but for those of you think you can get any woman back because you are the bomb in bed. Well let me be frank, I didn’t know what a great sex was until Nick came along. So you bedroom antics are probably not going to sway me either.

Why is that when you are willing to turn back flips for your significant other they are too busy sleeping with every woman willing to spread their legs like hot butter on toast? Then there is the group of men who are mentally and or physically abusive. They never seem to realize they have the crown jewel until after you leave and find a real king. Then all of sudden here they come dragging their sorry no good behinds up to your door step begging for another chance. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now that I’ve found a man who knows my worth and treats me the way I should be treated you think I’m going back to you and your mess? What are you smoking? Whatever it is you need rehab because it can’t be good for you. Put the pipe down and get a life.

I’m sure most of you who follow my blog are wondering what has set me off on this tangent. I think we can all agree most of the time I am generally nice, ok not nice but I  wish all humanity the best. But tonight every ex I have every had has come out of the wood work begging me to take him back because he has changed. They are on Facebook in-boxing me, tweeting me on Twitter  leaving messages on my voice mail and trying to get information for my friends. Is the moon full? If this is what publishing one book does I may never write again. This nonsense has got to stop. I’m really glad that you all have changed and have gotten you lives together and moved on to a better place. Maybe I’ll throw a parade to celebrate your achievements and growth in life. I’m ecstatic that you have finally found out how to treat a woman, but I am no longer that woman. While you were finding yourself, I was finding, me. Not only do I not need you, I don’t want you. I have changed too. You and ,I in the words of Taylor Swift “Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” So get over it.

I’m on the phone talking to my soul mate,  about his beloved Dallas Cowgirls and the return of football after the Hall of Fame Game tonight and I get a text from some fool. Now this upstanding individual was so in love with me he left me stranded at a restaurant because I wouldn’t have sex with him, REALLY? you really think you have shot at redemption? Stop yourself now. I’m starting to feel ashamed for you.

This isn’t just directed at the men. Women mess up good relationships too. however since all my relationships have been with men I can only speak from that perspective. Nick you are more than I could have ever dreamed for in a partner in this crazy world we call life. I love you, today, tomorrow, forever. One last thing before I say goodnight, i have a hot date with my better half. If you find someone who is right for you hold onto them Don’t wait for the next man or woman to come up and sweep them off them off your feet before you figure out just what you’ve lost.

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