Well it’s hump day, we’ve made it half way to the weekend. Today is wishful Wednesday so let’s get to wishing and hoping.

Last week I wished two of my books would appear on the New York Time’s Best Seller list. Yesterday Amazon deposited my first ever royalty check.  I may be on to something with this wishing thing. So this week I won’t  make a wish as grand as the Times Bestseller list, I’ll just pray my second book is written and edited and in by my November deadline. I can do that right? Of course I can I am Wonder Woman if only in my head.

I have decided to make the wish of one person probably someone sick or shut in true each week. Later today I’m going grocery shopping for a lady who can’t get around like she used to. What am I doing? Watching reruns of True Blood. I can definitely go to the store for some someone who is sick and unable to do it themselves or do it like they used to.

I wish I had five minutes to talk to the people I love and lost. I miss u more than I can say or you’ll ever know.

I wish there was a way to fix my hometown from going bankrupt.  Detroit is just a shell of the marvelous city it used to be.

This is a selfish one,  I wish Nick would buy me a new car for my birthday.  Hint hint.

I’m going on a road trip so my greatest wish this week is I hope everyone is happy to see me. I’m a little nervous.

I wish I lived closer to my mom. She is my rock. But she’s only a phone call away.

I’ll see you same time tomorrow, same bat channel

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