OKC Thunder Spiraling to the Bottom of the Western Conference

The NBA Playoffs are a long way off, but the Oklahoma City Thunder are already officially in trouble and there are still 80 games left in the season.
OKC seems to be cursed or jinxed by injury recently. If they have angered the basketball gods they may consider apologizing quickly. Kevin Durant, the reigning MVP is sidelined by a fractured foot and will miss the first 6 – 8 weeks of the season. Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, Anthony Morrow, Grant Jerrett, and Mitch McGary are all out. Last night Russell Westbrook went down with a possible fractured hand in Thursday’s loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. There are more

There are more bodies being carted out of the Thunder locker room than in the latest Walking Dead episode. OKC has eight available players on their roster. Will the excessive number of injuries end the team’s playoffs hopes before the Christmas presents are wrapped and placed under the tree?

Fans have a love-hate relationship with Westbrook. He is seen as a talented player who doesn’t fully understand his role as Robin to Kevin Durant’s Batman. Not only is Westbrook a ball hog, but he also seems to think it’s his team.

The pressure to win and keep the Thunder afloat in Durant’s absence is immense. The Thunder are still waiting to find out how long Westbrook will be out of the lineup with the fractured hand.

Last season the Phoenix Suns didn’t make the playoffs despite winning 48 games. If the Suns played in the Eastern Conference with they would have been the number 3 seed in the East. It’s going to be a long painful season for The Oklahoma City Thunder and their fans. Is eight is enough to survive the storm?

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