Football Rants From Memory Lane

I could have spent Super Bowl Sunday giving you a game plan for all things Super Bowl 50. I could’ve recapped the season or given my expert opinion on today’s game. I could’ve discussed Peyton’s potential last rodeo, or the possibility we will see a Dab remix or Super Bowl version of the Dab. I could’ve even chatted you all up about Beyonce’s “Formation” and all its glorious subtext. But nope, I’m not doing any of that. Why because it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I do what I want. Let’s be real, is there anything better than a football rant? I don’t think so. In no particular order here are some of my all-time favorite football rants. Yeah, a couple of them even came from me but I was provoked I promise.
That time Who Dat Nation lost their minds over a pre-season game like they thought it was Super Bowl 50. 

The bungling Lions strike again. Will this fan base ever get any satisfaction or are they doomed to forever be the Cleveland Browns of the NFC 

That time my Chicago Bears drop 2 in a row and Jay Cutler learned how to do the Kanye Shrug. 

Enjoy Super Bowl 50 whether you’re cheering for “The Sheriff” to ride off into the sunset of retirement with a win, or you’re cheering for Super Cam to keep pounding. This Super bowl featuring two No.1 overall draft picks, the No.1 defense and the No.3 defense may not rests on the shoulders of the QBs. It may in fact rest on the defense and the team with the best kicker and the coach with the best clock management skills. Ok, fam one last time for the road, Are  you ready for some football?

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My cutthroat family and our low down, dirty, fantasy football league.

We thought a loving family like ours how could it go wrong? This will be a great way to have fun even though we are miles apart and enjoy football that we have been bonding over our entire lives. I bleed Chicago Bears on Sundays and Maize and Blue on Saturdays. In college I spent Sundays watching the Washington Redskins with My Uncle Charles. Usually I spent my Sundays laughing because the Redskins were losing and Mr. cool would act like it was all in the plan. He did a Jerry Jones and took faith in moral victories with his Redskins 2 decades ago.  Having family in Oklahoma and family in D.C. made me despise everything related to the Dallas Cowgirls. Unfortunately, I have a knack for attracting Cowgirl nation to me. Yeah I married one and I am definitely going to hear about talking about his beloved Cowgirls I mean Cowboy later,  Other than him being a Dallas Cowboy fan he's a great husband.
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The Bungling Detroit Lions Strike Again

Murphy's Law has nothing on the Detroit Lions. How else do you explain blowing a 20 point lead, committing  a penalty as time expires, then giving Aaron Rodgers a month to set up the perfect Hail Mary play? If this happened to any other the team but the Detroit Lions I might be able to drum up some sympathy, maybe but this is who the Lions are. This is who they have always been and I hate to break it you Lions fans this is who they will  always be. The question is never will the Lions screw it up the question is WHEN will the Lions mess up? Maybe an even bigger question is when will their fans say enough is enough?
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