Station 19 Recap: Heated Moments

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Captain Pruitt’s health weakens. Meanwhile, the firehouse crew and police department respond to a strip mall fire, forcing Jack and Ryan to put their egos aside and work together.


While Andy spends time at the hospital worried about her dad, the other men in her life continue their competitive battle. Jack and Ryan bump heads while spending the day together training on a disaster drill than have to work side by side while a baby’s life hangs in the balance during a strip mall fire.

Thanks but No Thanks Station 19 

Maya and Andy stop by the underpass to where Maya’s brother Mason is living with a group of other homeless people. They administer vaccines, then hand out food and blankets. Maya tries to get Mason to move in with her but he wants no part of her, or her charity. Mason is adamant he isn’t using drugs. He tells Maya she’s not his family anymore so she should just go and leave him alone.

We Meet Again

Travis and Vic run into Edith’s grandson. Grant remembers meeting Travis at his grandmother’s house and uses the opportunity to flirt with him and give him his number.

After the encounter Vic tells Travis how cute his new friend is, but he quickly shuts her down. He tells Vic “He’s a yoga guy and I’m into meditation. It won’t work.” Edith calls the station and makes up a non-emergency issue to get Travis to come check on her. While Edith is doing her best cupid impression, Grant rushes in worried about his grandmother. She apologizes and tells her grandson it was a false alarm. Vic and Travis bow their heads to hide the smiles spreading across their faces. It’s clear Edith will not let this go until the two men agree to go out. They agree to meet for breakfast in the morning.

On the way back to the firehouse Travis starts to open up about putting his husband behind him and dating again.

Captain Pruitt vs. Everybody at Station 19

Bailey drops Ben off at work so she can check on Captain Pruitt. When she doesn’t see the captain, she tells Ben a hypothetical scenario and infers that the hypothetical patient might need someone with medical knowledge to watch him or her. After Bailey leaves, Miller goes to Ben about another hypothetical patient who is experiencing dizzy spells and nausea. They take Captain Pruitt in the office to talk him into getting medical treatment. He tries to storm out but is too unsteady on his feet to do so. Andy forces him to go to the hospital. Once there, Bailey suggests a highly aggressive medical treatment to attack the cancer in Pruitt’s body.


Travis makes a stop at an abandoned warehouse before taking Vic back to the station. Maya pushes Vic’s limits with fire. Vic breaks down and begs her to stop. She tells her no to push through it. Just before she breaks down completely the crew gets a call for a dangerous fire in a strip mall.

The Roof is on Fire

Ryan and his partner arrive at the firehouse ready to coordinate on disaster drills. The two alpha males clash about every aspect of the training drills. A call about the fire at the strip comes in through the switchboard. Jack is thrilled to ditch Ryan for the day until he finds out the Seattle PD radioed Ryan and his partner to assist on the call.

The buildings are fully engulfed when the first responders arrive. Jack tries to keep Ryan from going inside putting himself in danger and Ryan keeps saving people. Once Jack restrains him, they notice a woman on the roof holding a baby surrounded by toxic smoke and flames. Jack raises a ladder to save the mother and her infant son. On the ground, concern grows among the firefighters and officers about the status of the building.

In Ryan We Trust

Ryan convinces the infant’s mother to drop the baby off the burning balcony before the building collapses. He pleads with her to trust him and promises to catch the baby if she drops it off the edge of the balcony. She refuses at first but Ryan explains that they can’t hook the ladder to the burning building and she can’t jump off the ledge holding her son. She realizes the only way to save them both is to drop her baby and Jump onto the ladder into Jack’s outstretched arms. Ryan makes a dramatic catch and seconds later Jack pulls the mother onto the ladder to safety.

Peace Offerings

After the baby and mother are safely on the ground Ryan and Jack congratulate each other on saving two lives and offer a temporary peace offering.

Maya takes food and paint to her brother at the overpass. He rebuffs her at first. She tells him that she just wants him to know she’s there and if he needs more supplies she’ll be there on his terms. The next morning, she runs to the overpass with Vic and discovers her bother painted a phoenix with her face on the overpass but he’s gone.


Miller relieves Andy so she can go home to rest. Ryan knocks on the door and recaps his night. After recapping the events and inquiring about her dad, he tells her he can’t live on the sidelines anymore. Sparks fly and the two end up locked in passionate embrace.

When Grant shows up to the firehouse for his date with Travis, he discovers Travis is having second thoughts. Travis tells him he doesn’t date because it’s not fair. He could die at any moment so he doesn’t want to date. Grant is a bit shocked but he regroups and says, “It’s just breakfast, you have us married and have turned me into a widower and I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet.” He talks Travis off the ledge and they agree to have breakfast without any of Travis’ obsessive worrying.

Bailey Calls Ben on the Carpet About His Lies

Pruitt tries to boast about Ben’s accomplishments to Bailey. He doesn’t realize Ben told Bailey nothing exciting or dangerous ever happens at the station. When Ben comes home, Bailey demands he tells her the truth so he isn’t walking around with a bunch of undo stress on his shoulders. He agrees after making sure that’s what she really wants.

Will Captain Pruitt be okay or is the cancer taking over? Do you like Gravis as a couple? What’s next for Jack and Andy? Let us what you think in the comments below.

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