Station 19: Tempers Flame Up as Andy and Jack Compete for Control

STATION 19 – “Contain the Flame”  on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) BARRETT DOSS, DANIELLE SAVRE, JASON GEORGE

In the third episode of Station 19 entitled “Contain the Flame,” Andy struggles to maintain control while clashing with Jack at the scene of a fire in a multi-story apartment building, Captain Pruitt is having a hard time convalescing and finds a way to go back to work, Ben still finds it difficult to keep his emotions in check and Andy continues to find ways to manage her job, stress, and relationship ties between Ryan and jack. 

Jack Continues to Challenge Andy
Jack continues to undermine Andy’s authority. When Jack assumes shift duty, he tells everyone he doesn’t believe in rules, further making Andy look like the bad guy. Andy points out the rules are there for a reason to keep everyone safe. During a rooftop fire, Jack usurps Andy’s orders and commands to the team. When she tells the squad to make a heat hole to draw the fire, Jack loudly proclaims it’s a waste of time.  

The Roof is on Fire
After Andy’s plan fails to alleviate the situation, Jack gloats and plays a childish game of “I Told You So” in front of the entire squad. Back at the station, Jack gives Captain Pruitt (Andy’s father)…. Read More


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