Bye Bye Wolverine

Yeah I know a few of you thought I was jumping ship. I will always be true to Big Blue. I am just glad this is MICHIGAN‘S  bye week. We cant not go into conference play the way the Wolverines have played the last two weeks barely eeking out wins against opponents they are supposed to trounce.  They can show up for conferences play if they want to I promise you the only way Brady Hoke‘s boys and my Wolverines will see the rose bowl is on TV like me.
Hoke needs to use this bye week to eliminate the senseless mental mistakes and turnovers his team is making. If a team beats you ok take your medicine and loss. But right now MICHIGAN is doing everything in their power to beat themselves. That’s a coaching issue. I guarantee Bo Schembechler wouldn’t have had 4 back to games with these kind of mental mistakes and excessive turnovers.
Damn get it together WOLVERINES.  Either way two weeks from now I’ll be watching I just hoping I’m not watching a heartbreaking game.


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