Our Beloved Toni Morrison’s legacy of language, and power

It's appropriate that I fell madly, deeply in love with Toni Morrison's mastery of language while attending Howard University. Maybe it was because I was sitting in classrooms or walking in spaces she'd walked before me, but somehow her words took on a life all of their own. They were the same words I'd read many times before. Words that I myself had used with audacity in my little sentences thinking myself a writer, and hilariously a poet. On Howard's campus Toni Morrison's words vibrated with a rhythm and heartbeat of their own. Like their writer, they made absolutely no apology for being everything. Are there words for our Beloved Toni Morrison? Is the English language expansive enough to truly explain and encompass her depth? It wasn't when Maya Angelou, or Ruby Dee, Aretha, or countless others died.Toni Morrison made words move. She breathed life into them, and those words, her words moved our souls. I don't have the ability to shape and pull the English language in her masterful way. This tribute is heartfelt, yet deeply inadequate because today language fails me.
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