MasterChef Junior: 4 Chefs Who Could Dethrone Mikey in the Semifinal

Friday, April 27, 2018

Karintha Styles
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

The judges boosted the excitement in season 6 of MasterChef Junior with the Golden Apron advantage. Mikey baked a chocolate hazelnut cheesecake in less than an hour, and his prize for winning the challenge was a MasterChef Golden Apron. It fast-tracks Mikey to the semifinal round of the competition. He still must compete with everyone else, but he can’t be eliminated. Which of the six remaining chefs will join Mikey in the semifinal round for a chance to win $100,000 and the title of MasterChef Junior?

Smooth Sailing? Maybe Not

Winning the golden apron doesn’t guarantee Mikey a win in the finale. Though he has already secured a place in the semifinal he needs to continue to elevate his culinary skills if he wants to land a spot in the final round. If Mikey gets too comfortable, the remaining junior chefs can beat him in the semifinal. Having the freedom to throw all rules aside and cook with abandon could make Mikey unbeatable. It will give him the opportunity to impress the judges and build his resume. Mikey has two competition wins including the Golden Apron win. He received immunity once and placed in the top three once. Mikey needed this advantage. He has spent most of the season near the bottom, getting through competitions by the skin of his teeth.

Six other home cooks remain in the reality cooking competition. All the remaining chefs have cooked dishes well enough to land them in the top three at least once this season. Olivia and Remy could become the first set of siblings to meet in the semifinal or finale. Avery, Beni, Evan and Quani make up the rest of the field still vying for a chance to win the competition.

Most Likely to Join Mikey in the Semifinal

Beni continues to wow the judges. She’s one of the youngest chefs in the competition and she excels at every turn. Often when the judges give the cooks a task to complete they discuss how difficult it will be for Beni because of her age and inexperience. The judges are usually wrong when they count her out. Beni has four competition wins, along with two top three appearances, and has received immunity twice during the competition.


Of the Bond sisters, Remy is the more polished of the two. Her sister lets her emotions get the best of her and it affects her cooking when she gets out of sorts. Remy has four competition wins and has received immunity twice during the time.


Olivia is the best junior chef in the competition. Her plating is 5-star restaurant quality. Her technical skills and elaborate plating make her the frontrunner in the competition. Beni, Remy and Quani pose bigger threats to Olivia appearing in the finale than Mikey does. Olivia has five competition wins and received immunity four times so far during the competition.

Long Shot to Join Mikey in the Semifinal


His techniques are advanced beyond his years. He has been steady in the competition, but he holds back and more often than not, plays cautiously. The judges have asked him to take more risks and break out of his safety zone. If he does that, Quani could come from behind and win it all.

What do you think about the Golden Apron twist? Is the Golden Apron an advantage or disadvantage to Mikey? Who do you think will win season 6 of MasterChef Junior? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

MasterChef Junior returns to FOX on Friday, May 4 at 8/7c.

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