Andre Drummond snub spells trouble for NBA centers

Keeping Andre Drummond off the 2018 NBA All-Star team could pose problems for the NBA.

Karintha Styles

The NBA recently announced the rosters for the 2018 NBA All-Star GameDetroit Pistons’ center Andre Drummond is notably missing.

The snub of one of the league’s premier big man may become a nightmare for the NBA. Michael Jordan built his legend on slights, real and imagined. Tom Brady has won five Super Bowl rings and hopes to win his sixth next weekend, largely fueled by the perceived snub of being drafted in the sixth round of the NFL Draft.

Kobe Bryant used real and imagined slights to fuel his “Mamba Mentality,” a philosophy that propelled his career and led to a recent Oscar nomination for his short film entitled Mamba Mentality.

Drummond’s decision to excel instead of sulk is bad news for the NBA.

What’s more lethal than Mamba Mentality, Jordan, or  Russell Westbrook or a Brady-Belichick combo? A snubbed Bryant, Jordan, Westbrook or Brady. Rule No. 1 never give a player with a chip on his shoulder bulletin board material.

Leaving Drummond out of the All-Star game is definitely bulletin board material. The snub will either make him greater, or cause hime to collapse faster than a black hole in outer space. My money is on the center leveling up.  If Andre Drummond decides to use the All-Star snub to fuel his game, the big men of the league are in trouble.

Andre Drummond silences the critics with All-Star worthy performance against Utah

In the Pistons’ first outing since the head-scratching omission, Drummond let his stat line do all the talking.  The stat line made a convincing argument for putting him on the All-Star roster.

He scored 30 points, had 24 rebounds, six blocks, four assists and three steals in an overtime loss to the Utah Jazz. Or to put it bluntly, Drummond has become a synonym for trouble with a capital T.

Injured Detroit Pistons’ guard  Reggie Jackson tweeted his shock and disbelief regarding his teammate being over looked.

After the All-Star snub, Drummond suggested  Read More

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