Let’s Kick Cancer’s Butt. Educate, Research, Donate. 3rd Favorite Post of 2013

I know it’s Saturday but this post is about Wednesday Wishes. I can’t tell you how much I wish we could Stomp out Cancer. I don’t think I know a single person whose life hasn’t been touched or forever altered by some form of  cancer. I know there isn’t much I can do but keep writing, keep donating, keep running, and keep praying that one day the research will lead to a break through. My Wednesday Wish this Saturday morning is to kick cancer’s ass, if I may be blunt. I’m pretty sick of it.  I’m tired of shouting from roof tops, going to fund raisers. I’m beyond tired of collecting ribbons, taking up the banner for yet another caustic cause and then after running another race collecting another  funeral program.  So yeah this morning my Wednesday Wish is stomp cancer out, I’m going to do all I can to stand up to cancer and beat it out of existence. As weary as I may be fighting this battle for those I’ve lost I’ll never stop running this race. I’m going to fight until we get rid of it or I leave this earth. So until then I’ll run in May for brain cancer awareness and to raise money for research. i stand up in September. I’ll run in October for  breast cancer awareness. I’ll  every chance I can.  For me that’s a HUGE sacrifice because I hate to work out. I used to be athletic but father time is lurking. But I’ll run if it means getting rid of cancer, unfortunately, I can’t do it alone.
Everyone doesn’t have to in the races. Everyone can’t write a check to help fund research.  Everyone can’t physically participate in the research studies. Everyone can’t spend time volunteering for hospice or hospitals. But each of us can do something in the hope that one day no one has collect ribbons.
The American Cancer Society is currently looking for people who have never had cancer between the ages of 25 and 55. To run research studies on. I’ve just applied. I am praying that I get accepted to the study.  It doesn’t matter if you have a family history of cancer or not. they have different studies they are conducting. Some of the studies are for people who have a family history of cancer and have escaped its clutches. Some of them are for people who have never had a a family member diagnosed with any form of the disease. All of the studies are important, each one brings us one step closer to the day when cancer like the black plague, and small pox are almost non existent.
So you aren’t eligible for a study, you can’t walk 2 feet without getting winded, and it’s all you can do to make it to payday so donating is definitely out of the question. You can still help, that is the great thing about us all being in this together. There is something for everyone. Go grocery shopping for someone or run errands for someone you know fighting this battle. Make sure you tell the people you love they matter. Give them their flowers while they are still here. Stop by the cancer unit and volunteer your time. If that’s not your bag start educating yourself so that you can help educate others. Encourage people to get annual mammograms and prostate exams. if someone in your circle starts suddenly having headaches  on a regular basis they can’t explain and the pain is excruciating GET  THEM THE DOCTOR.  Educate yourself on the “superfoods” that may prevent cancer. Take a proactive approach.
There is so much we can do to march in the direction of ridding our world of cancer.  We just need to collectively decide to run in that direction. I couldn’t possibly cover all that ground in one blog.  One last thing if you’ve kicked cancer’s ass once don’t be that asshole who plays chicken with it a second time.  You beat lung cancer then want to go back to smoking 2 packs a day. REALLY!  We are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Cancer is an equation I intend to help solve.  So until we find a solution. You can find me on the battlefield….running and fighting.
Peace Love and Style
Pink Ribbon—Breast Cancer Awareness
Yellow Ribbon—Liver Cancer Awareness
Dark Blue Ribbon—Colon Cancer Awareness
Purple Ribbon—Pancreatic Cancer/ Thyroid Cancer/ Cancer Survivor
White Ribbon—Bone Cancer Awareness
Black Ribbon—Melanoma Awareness
Brown Ribbon—Colorectal Cancer Awareness
Gray Ribbon—Brain Cancer Awareness

Lime Green Ribbon—Lymphoma Awareness
Teal Ribbon—All Gynecological Cancers Awareness
Periwinkle Ribbon—Stomach Cancer Awareness
Peach Ribbon—Uterine and Endometrial Cancers Awareness
Light Blue Ribbon—Prostate Cancer Awareness
Pearl or Clear Ribbon—Lung Cancer Awareness
Gold Ribbon—Childhood Cancer Awareness

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