Update: Emcee N.I.C.E. feeds the soul with his Gospel CD Praise

UPDATE: October 25, 2017 Emcee N.I.C.E. tops the Billboard Hot Singles with I’ve Got Angels. The #1 single has spent the last 4 weeks in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot Single Sales charts.

Praise, the latest album from multi-platinum producer and Hip-Hop artist Emcee N.I.C.E. continues rising up the charts and giving listeners a fresh perspective on inspirational music. The Hip-Hop Gospel CD features I’ve Got Angels, Praise, and Blessings. Honestly, this is the type of CD you can hit play and not touch the controls again until the last song plays and reach over to hit repeat. In fact, if you want to save yourself a couple of steps, just hit repeat when you hit play. It’s that good. The CD is soothing and speaks to people from all walks of life and gives the country common ground to kneel on, a place where we can all come together and heal.

Emcee N.I.C.E.’s newest CD hit the airwaves at a time when we are all searching for some comfort to deal with the stressors of life. The country is divided and many are trying to find common ground with their neighbor.

N.I.C.E. shared his vision on music’s power to unite people from all walks of life.

“Music has the ability to unite and or divide people, no matter the language, no matter the color and no matter the genre, melodies seem to find a way. Throughout my life I have always been an ambitious uniter, and my goal was to leave behind a collection of music that would ultimately inspire others, I pray to God that the legacy and music that I share and leave behind does exactly that.

— Emcee N.I.C.E.

The poet has often used his vast platforms to educate, soothe, and teach lessons. The impact of his positive force spans a variety of media platforms. He’s written books, produced and starred in cartoons like DA Jammies

N.I.C.E. released his first single “I Got Angels” in August. The single inspired by Gospel Legend Richard Smallwood’s “Angels” and “On Your Way Up” featuring Elia Esparza from season of 11 of The Voice

Holy Hip Hop discussed the sound of Emcee N.I.C.E.’s debut a Gospel Album after the CD started climbing the charts after its release.

With a voice that commands your attention from the first note hip-hop recording artist EMCEE N.I.C.E. from El Paso, Texas makes his arrival into to the Gospel Hip-Hop genre.

N.I.C.E. has accumulated numerous accolades including over 30+ professional recordings, platinum and gold awards, The Billboard Charts, TV shows and an association with an Academy award. As he forges a new trail in the realm of Gospel, Emcee N.I.C.E.delivers a perspective with his debut album “PRAISE” that is insightful and each record speaks to the weary and devote believers that worship alike.”

— Holy Hip Hop

The CD is energetic and calming at the same time. It’s also generational friendly. Renee Robinson discussed how the inspirational CD gives everyone in her family peace and comfort.

“It’s great to have positive music that I don’t have to turn down that I can listen to with my kids, mom, and Big Mama. That’s really cool because my grandmother usually won’t listen to rap or hip-hop at all. ”

— Renee Robinson

Stacey Dash shared her support of the CD with her Instagram followers after a recent workout.

Richard Smallwood the legendary Gospel artist gave NICE his blessing and spoke about the project on Facebook recently.

“People think because I have written certain songs that I’m a traditionalist, but I’ve never been. I’m proud that my music has inspired someone else who is a brilliant young Hip-Hop/rapper by the name of Emcee N.I.C.E.I’m excited that Emcee N.I.C.E. has dropped this new single . I’m sure it’ll go places that I never could have envisioned in my mind, but that is how God is,”

— Richard Smallwood

Just as Smallwood predicted, I’ve Got Angels is soaring to new heights. The single is currently #3 on the BillBoard Hot Singles Sales chart for the Week of 10/12/2017.

#thisjusthappened my song “I Got Angels” cracks the Top 5 #Billboard @ #3 on the 10.21.17 Billboard Hot Single Sales Chart #godisworking Stay Tuned!! I truly appreciate the support! Produced by: @therealsampeezy @smallrich & Steven Ford — Recorded and Mixed by: @orlando.gmz at @beaconhillrecordingstudios #‎EmceeNICE‬ #‎XclusiveNetworking @bjluster ‪#‎Gospel #hiphop #‎BillboardCharts‬ #‎NewMusic‬ #Top5 #‎Top10‬ #Top15 #‎BillboardHotSingleSales‬ ‪#ElPaso #chucotown #musicnews #newrelease

Emcee N.I.C.E. discussed his latest project via phone interview. During the interview, he shared his thoughts on the project and what a blessing Richard Smallwood had been during this project.

“To have a Gospel icon such as Richard Smallwood be inspired by my interpretation of his inspiration is God being a uniter and I am beyond blessed. My album “PRAISE” will be “a celebration of Christ. It has a blend of scripture and creative metaphors that will give the listener spiritual food for thought”.”

— Emcee N.I.C.E.

If you’re looking for inspiration, or some substance for your soul while navigating this stressful world look no further than Emcee N.I.C.E.’s Praise featuring I Got Angels inspired by Richard Smallwood. Praise, and the singles On the Way Up, and  I Got Angels are available on iTunes and all of your favorite music streaming platforms.

Unless otherwise noted images provided by or obtained from Emcee N.I.C.E., Instagram or Billboard Music, or Twitter.

This post will update as new information is made available.

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