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Empire: Secrets in the Cookie Jar

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Empire Season 4, Episode 14 Images Courtesy of FOX

Empire adds another TV icon to their list of guest stars in the episode entitled “False Face.” Alfre Woodard joins the family as Cookie’s (Taraji P. Henson) mother. Don’t expect to find this mother/daughter duo in the kitchen baking cookies, instead, hide the wire hangers. This tense relationship has all the makings of a Mommy Dearest remake. Memories of the difficult relationship she shares with her mother are heavy on Cookie’s mind as she continues to search for Poundcake’s daughter.

While Cookie deals with her mommy issues, Lucious has his hands full stopping Eddie’s takeover attempt. Since their parents are focused on other issues Hakeem and Jamal turn their focus to music. Hakeem plans a release strategy for his 20 for 20 single, while Jamal explores ways to release music not attached to the Empire label.
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Eddie Digs in

Lucious lets Eddie know he’s onto his schemes. offers Thirsty and Lucious offer Eddie a generous severance package to help get him back on his feet. Eddie balks at the idea and informs Lucious his pockets aren’t deep enough to cover the money he lost. As he leaves, Eddie puts Lucious on notice he is moving forward with plans for Empire Entertainment.

A Bucket of Surprises
Lucious and Thirsty tell Jamal and Hakeem about… Read More

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