George  Zimmerman  and his camp make better fairy tales than the Brother’s Grimm. Thankfully nobody dies in his latest attempt at fiction.

The most polarized man in America is now being portrayed as a Good Samaritan.  I know it’s crazy from killer to saint. We’re talking about the man who was unable to stop himself from killing a 17 year old child armed only with ice tea and a bag of Skittles.  Somehow that same Zimmerman turned into a real life hero and managed to rescue 4 people from an overturned car. Hey I can’t make this stuff up. It’s their story not mine. Really Georgie, you should tell Mark O’Mara to look up “Scandal’s Olivia Pope and her Gladiators to fix this mess your in. The holes in the stories you come up with are larger than the Grand Canyon. 

Allegedly On Wednesday July 17th, 2013,  Zimmerman rescued the Gerstle family after their Ford Explorer. It’s possible right? Yeah,  maybe on Fantasy Island with Mr. Rourke pulling the strings. Zimmerman’s defense attorney O’Mara would have us believe that poor defenseless Georgie is capable of pulling 2 adults and 2 children out of an overturned car all by himself.  So glad for the Gerstle family no one had on a hoodie and the kids weren’t snacking on Skittles during the family outing. George the Good Samaritan might not have been able to resist the urge to defend himself from the overturned car.

Zimmerman’s story has more holes than swiss cheese

Like I said there are some serious holes in this story. Hole #1: In a world were everyone has a camera phone NO ONE, not a single person managed to capture a still shot or video of this heroic act.

Hole#2: Zimmerman’s entire family, legal team and George himself are all in such fear for their safety they are in hiding. Deep deep in hiding. I’m talking seclusion. They are so under cover even the people who run the Witness Protection Program can’t find them. So I find it highly unlikely George would hide less than 10 miles from the spot where he defended his life to the death against Treyvon Martin. This isn’t the Hunger Games. He could certainly leave the confines of Florida if he wanted. After going to such lengths to “protect” his life why would Zimmerman then put his life at risk by staying in the area where the murder happened? Even Casey Anthony did a better job of hiding than that. Hide and go seek was not George’s strong suit as a kid.

Hole#3: This one is huge. Our dude George saved not only the lives of  Mark and Dana Gerstle but also the lives of their two small children. However our grateful and delighted family  didn’t even take a picture with their hero. Okay, maybe they aren’t photogenic. Still if someone even Zimmerman saved my life and the life of my spouse and my children I’d at least want to say thank you. I’d be standing  on the roof tops shouting it out to everybody. The Gerstles haven’t said word. Their only comments have been made through a third party.  Really O’Mara you didn’t think we were just going to take your word for it did you? O’Mara claims the Gerstle family is clamoring to tell the world how great Zimmerman is and to publicly thank him for his heroic efforts.  Yet they backed out of a press conference O’Mara scheduled to tell the world how great George is. Not only are they keeping mum, Mark and Dana Michelle Gerstle, who were rescued with their children from the overturned SUV, have refused to talk to the media and have posted a “no trespassing” sign outside their central Florida home. Doesn’t sound too grateful to me.

Hole#4: While appearing on the Wolf Blitzer show on CNN O’Mara went from telling Blitzer how long it would be before The Vatican bestowed Zimmerman with sainthood,  to telling Blitzer Zimmerman was carrying a weapon because he was in such fear for his life.  O’Mara told CNN there had been a surge in the number of death threats against Zimmerman since his acquittal. He added,  Zimmerman is armed and taking all due precautions to protect his personal safety. Now if you are that afraid for your life are you really going to be out joy riding in the area where you’ve already had to defend your life to the death? I think not.

If nothing else we can thank O’Mara for warning us. Zimmerman is armed and if you have on a hooded sweatshirt and a craving for Skittles  watch out. Georgie Porgie just might start feeling threatened. History has a way of repeating itself.

R.I.P. Treyvon


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