Government Shutdown

So you waited all summer long to take your vacation. You wanted the weather to be perfect when you walked along the National Mall or visited the Statue of Liberty or visited the National Zoo. Late September early October is the perfect time to visit a National Park right? WRONG because this year the idiots WE THE PEOPLE elected to take care of our business are acting like 3 year olds in a sand box.

The GOP will tell you Obamacare had to be stopped even if it meant a government shutdown. NEWSFLASH everyone Obamacare  is law and has been for quite some time. Obamacare has been going into effect piece by little piece for the last three years.  The final piece to the Obamacare puzzle went into effect this morning at 12:01 AM Eastern Standard time.  Congress knew that, the GOP knew that shutting down the government was not going to stop obamamcare. It is already law.  When Obamacare was initially passed into law it passed with the highest bi-partisian percentage of a bill in history. Many Republicans and Democrats alike passed it with a smile  saying it was a wonderful stamp on the legacy of Ted Kennedy‘s life and career. He spent his life working for healthcare reform. He wrote the bill Mitt Romney passed as  Governor of Massachussets.  Our current Speaker of  The House Bohener  was one of the Republicans who signed obamacare into law. Ted Kennedy was close to death and they rushed him to the Senate floor in an ambulance so that he could sign the law he had worked most of his political career to get passed.  Yet almost 6 years later we have a lot of Republicans with selective amnesia who don’t remember that day. They want us to forget they signed Obamacare and made it a law. They want you to forget that when Bush took office President Bill Clinton left George W with a surplus. They want you to forget that 8 years later when Obama took over the reins from Bush the country was on the brink of the greatest recession since the great depression.  How do you go from positive to the greatest negative in almost 60 years under one president? They want you to forget the signed Obamacare and called it Ted kennedy’s legacy. Now they want you believe the country is shutdown because of Obamacare and the Democrats.  Obamacare  has been law for years. Here is the biggest irony today at 12:01 am the final piece to Obamacare went into place . Obamacare is still up and running.  But our government is not. So tell me again why in Sam’s hell is our government shutdown? It’s damn sure not because of Obamacare.  What is really frustrating is that the people who aren’t doing their jobs CONGRESS will still get their checks right on time. While many will have to work their regular hours and in some cases overtime hours without pay. Am I missing something because I just don’t see how that is fair.

Anything ran by the Federal government maintained by the government not considered essential is now CLOSED to the public. The public that pays for it. The public that will have to pay an estimated cost of 40 million to 80 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY for every day the government‘s doors remain locked. Live in D.C. want to propose to your girlfriend at the reflection pool or on the steps of the Jefferson memorial hope she said yes September 30, 2013. Because  right now you won’t be kneeling anywhere near any National Monuments or parks. I mean you can try it if you like and go to jail. But then again the people who are protecting us are now working without pay. Let’s be honest if your boss told you to come to work and he wasn’t going to pay you for an unspecified amount of time how well would you do your job?

I know there is a minimum age to become a member of Congress. They should act like it and stop acting like toddlers. This is absolutely ridiculous.  There was absolutley no reason this should have happened but now that it has, WE THE PEOPLE need to remember this during mid term elections when they come up, and any and everyone who had anything to do with the Government being closed today should be FIRED. I mean send them packing. Most definitely if your representative tells you some bullshit like I wouldn’t do what was necessary to keep the government running because I didn’t want Obamacare to become law. Get rid of them. Let them go get jobs in the private sector and see what employers do when you fail to perform or do the job you were hired to do.

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