The Bungling Detroit Lions Strike Again.

Murphy’s Law has nothing on the Detroit Lions. How else do you explain blowing a 20 point lead, committing  a penalty as time expires, then giving Aaron Rodgers a month to set up the perfect Hail Mary play? If this happened to any other the team but the Detroit Lions I might be able to drum up some sympathy, maybe but this is who the Lions are. This is who they have always been and I hate to break it you Lions fans this is who they will  always be. The question is never will the Lions screw it up the question is WHEN will the Lions mess up? Maybe an even bigger question is when will their fans say enough is enough?

Breaking up is hard to do but sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and say enough is enough. As a kid growing up in Detroit I could never figure out why the fans never threw in the towel. I swore my allegiance to Michigan but I jumped ship and left the Lions’ den a long time ago. The Bears may not be much better than the Lions but at least I can say they’ve won a playoff game in my lifetime. At least they are not so great at cutting off their nose to spite their face.  If I had the money I’d hire Elisa from Frozen and every time a Lions fan tried to buy season tickets I’d have her sing…..

When I saw the Lions were leading 20 – 0 late in the 3rd Qtr I didn’t get excited because I knew in the back of my mind it was too good to be true. I knew at the very moment the Lions were on the sidelines devising a way to lose. It’s what they do. More often than not they are note even in the game.  As the final seconds ticked off in the game I slowly breathed a sigh of shocked disbelief. I couldn’t believe that the Lions had managed to win the game and DEFEAT the Packers twice in one season. As that notion took root in my brain I saw the yellow flag flutter to field. If there is a way the Lions will find it, exploit it, capitalize on it and then go about the business of losing in the most unimaginable way possible. The Lions did not disappoint. Since the game can’t end on a defensive penalty the face mask called against the Lions would result in one final play for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Lets dissect this in slow motion shall we? 1. There’s no blitz no attempt to prevent Aaron Rodgers from throwing a TD pass.  but to be fair we are talking about Detroit. That may have been a good thing. They might’ve committed another penalty like roughing the passer or something equally as mind boggling. 2. Aaron Rodgers had all day to pick out his best shot and throw that ball. The closest blue shirt was a good 5 -1 o yards from Rodgers when he sailed the Hail Mary 61 yards down field. 3. You know he’s going for the end zone. I don’t care how improbable you think it is you have one job Detroit. I mean since you decided Rodgers should be allowed to throw the Hail Mary now your 1 job is to make sure no one in a Green Bay uniform catches that ball. Here’s a hint for future reference the Green Bay players are the guys in the uniforms that don’t look like yours. Somehow the jinx of the Lions allowed the Packers to block all the Lions from making a play on the ball. How? who knows since Detroit had more people in the end zone. What Detroit didn’t have was someone in front of  Richard Rodgers.  The front of the end zone was white and green and behind them there was a sea of blue. Anyone who didn’t know what was going on would assume that the Packers were trying to stop Detroit from scoring. But nope. That play was just classic Detroit Lion football. When it comes to bungling ineptitude no one in the NFL does it better than the Detroit Lions.

To be fair you can’t blame last night’s loss on the face mask or Detroit’s inability to box out Richard Rogers in the end zone or their kind hearted willingness to let Aaron Rodgers throw a 61  yard Hail Mary.  I admire the Lions’ faithful. No matter how dismal it is, the Lions find new and innovative ways to lose and break their fans hearts. Their poor  fans just keep on hanging on. Dear Lions faithful your blind faith that this year could be the year is the very definition of insanity. Isn’t it time you break up with the Lions? Isn’t it time to give them the lets be friends speech? Don’t you deserve to be treated better than the Lions could ever hope to treat you? I think you deserve better. Unfortunately, I can’t break up with them for you. You have to want better and do better for yourself.  The Lions are never going to get you to the promise land.  They had so many chances to come away with the win last night. I’d like to say the loss is shocking but because it’s the Lions it’s not the least bit shocking. The Lions are exactly who we thought they were. They Lions are the Charlie Browns of the NFL and that is not likely to change anytime soon.


Veteran sports and entertainment journalist, Karintha Styles holds court at the intersection of sports and pop culture. Seamlessly she weaves common sense, tough love, and quick wit through her writing and commentary. Currently, she hosts Week N Sports and Styles & Kaikai with Elizabeth Kaikai. You can find the Detroit native’s work on numerous media outlets including Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, BET, iHeart Media, and Hoops Habit.


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  2. Reignof_Styles

    Thank you very much for the complementThe Falcons and the Lions seem to have a knack for losing in ridiculous manners. Thanks for reading

  3. Reignof_Styles

    Thank you very much for the complement
    The Falcons and the Lions seem to have a knack for losing in ridiculous manners. Thanks for reading


    I was thoroughly entertained as I compared the shocking similarities between these (your) Detroit Lions and and the (my) Atlanta Falcons. There really is something to be said for the science for carefully contriving a course of action that will succeed against all odds despite the unlikelihood of a situation that could possibly arise to create such a chain of events. Other teams lose, but no one does it like these guys. Well done sir.

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