Inspiration Friday

I try to be true to my word. I promised you an inspirational story this Friday. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me. The moral of the story is Never give up. God has a plan for each and everyone of us and no one can stop God from moving mountains. We can disobey or ignore the call on our life and sometimes delay God’s plan. But that only makes us go through more drama then necessary because one way or the other God is gonna have his say. You can submit or pay the price. But I’m here to tell you, you are going to get what God has planned for you one way or the other. What God has planned for us is always better than what we can imagine for ourselves. It’s a lot easier if you just do as your told. But this isn’t about me and my common refusal to submit and do it my way as opposed to God’s plan. Clearly I am a work in progress.
I met a young lady in the prime of her  life. She was smart, funny and made everyone around her feel like sunshine. No matter how down you were she was able to lift your spirits. A true angle from heaven. I know everyone says that after someone dies but in this woman’s case it really was true. She didn’t become an angle after she became sick. What I realized was that the signs showing us how angelic she was during her entire life  had always been there.

Before her 30th birthday she was diagnosed with a  form of  spinal cancer that is extremely aggressive and eventually moved into her brain. I remember being in my twenties and I was spoiled rotten. Truth be told I’m still a little spoiled. If I had gotten that diagnosis at her age I would have lashed out. I would have been mad, angry and probably not been too happy with God. Not once in the 3 years before she died did she complain or become bitter. In fact she the very opposite. She designed a line of t-shirts to bring awareness to her disease.  The line of shirts is called SOZO. SOZO is the Greek word for healing and restoration. Instead of getting mad about her circumstances she got out of God’s way and not only allowed God to use her for his message but each one of us she touched from family to the doctor’s and nurses have all been moved to do something to keep not only her spirit alive in each of us, But also to keep her dream alive for a cure to brain cancer alive through research. She really believed that her illness and even her death was a blessing to bring people to God. And as a vessel of God’s work she never complained. She endured the painful treatments and sickness with her head high believing it was all for the greater good.

If that doesn’t inspire you to live your life not matter the pitfalls that may face you today, I don’t know what will. None of us are perfect. We all have some heavy baggage. Every day we wake up we have a chance to make the devil dance by complaining or being a beacon of light. Today I am going to be a beacon as bright as the sun. Hope you will also. Blessings and harmony my friends. R.I.P. our angle We love you always. We will keep fighting in your name until a cure is found.

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