Let the Mayhem and Madness Ensue

Let the Madness ensue. Without a doubt this is my favorite day of the year.  Hands down it’s my absolute favortie weekend of the year. I know it’s a shock.  The kick off to March Madness ranks higher than my birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday or special occassion. March Madness does it for me every year. This is the one time you’ll hear me say I love something more than football.
My bracket is done, mom is frying chicken wings, and the adult beverages are on tap. This girl is ready for the Big Dance.

I would love for my beloved Wolverines to cut down the nets in Indianapolis.  But March Madness is about More than rooting for YOUR team. The NCAA tournament is about leveling the play field. Watching David slay Golit. It’s about those last second buzzer beaters, and hugging complete strangers when your team wins. It’s about seeing how long Cinderella can dance in those glass slippers. March Madness is a reminder that if you believe, if you dream, and you do the work anything is possible. There is nothing Mad about that. Here’s to the madness. May your team go deep, may Cinderella dance long, and may the ride be all we hope it will be. Tick tock tick tock, get those brackets filled out and Let the Madness begin

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