Let’s Ride

In the Facebook post below Jada Pinkett Smith posed the question who are you ride or die for?
Jada Pinkett Smith
Ride or die!
I woke up this morning feeling deeply grateful for my journey on the streets of Baltimore city. There is one law I learned there that has been the center of my values ever since… ride or die. At the end of the day… I’m a chick from Baltimore who will always ride or die for what I love most… #1 being… my family.
Who are you ride’n for, and whose ride’n for you? Get your ride or die game right cause we all know THAT’S a law that keeps anything we cherish… UNTOUCHABLE.
Happy Sunday.
Click up and… ride;)
Oh if it were only that simple J. Everyone claims they have that ride or die mentality. You can believe them if you choose, but when your Titanic hits that iceberg and you’re going down without life vests who Will really ride that wave?
Will your friends ride? Maybe. Trust during the good times they will swear you have no worries. Sure you’ll say the same. I’ve been to the bottom and risen to, the top, in the thick and thin and in between the nitty gritty yes I’ve had some take the ride, but for most ride or die didn’t mean until the wheels fell off. That’s okay because I learned  lot about myself in between the nitty gritty. I learned you can’t get in the car with everyone.  Some people have a death wish, and that is not your problem.
Soul mates and the love of your life have to ride right?  I guess that really depends if the one you think is the one really is. I’ve been in love a time or two.  Or at least at the time I thought it was love.  I was ride or die or I thought I was. I went down with the ship a few times.  No regrets though because now I know when to bail. I can’t even lie to you fam, I have jumped overboard a few times before the bottom fell out. There was a lesson in that too. I love hard and long. Right or wrong if I’m not willing to ride or die for you, and I can’t trust you’ll ride with me you and I aren’t meant to be.
Family no question they are riding with you, for you and wrecking shop to move all obstacles against you right. Not so fast. Some people will take out their first born to get ahead. Even in a family of riders there is always one. You know that one everyine wonders if they were switched at birth. Sometimes riding with family isn’t safe better get a bus pass and leave that fool alone.
I think everyone has a little ride or die in them. Some more thsn others. I agree with Jada whoever YOU ride for,  well there shouldn’t be a question if they are riding with you. I get up everyday hoping to be a better person. Most days the ying and yang balance, but some days being better isnt always positive. My code is always the same,  I’m a rider. I ride for me and mine. Together we will elevate each other. Good and bad to the wheels fall off we ride and if it need be we will die together. I hope we don’t have any problems.  My grandparents were ride and die before ride n die was cool. I know some families are worse than a den of cobras. I just don’t get that. No we don’t always agree. Sometimes we fight but even when we are mad at each other you better NOT try it. We are a family of riders. Don’t come prepared for 1 because we are bringing a convoy.  Riding is standing on principle saying I believe in you let’s go.  Riding is unconditional love. If you can’t get that at home where can you get it? So like Jada I ride for family. Family born by blood and friends who are now family proven through fire.
R.I.P. SGT Joanna Simpson the best battle any soldier ever had. HOOAH
Styles, Dixsons, Brash, mount up let’s ride.

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