Love is Gratitude (Thankful Tuesday_

Love is what I’m most grateful for in my life this week. The love of great friends who have had my back for decades. That good old fashioned family love. You know the kind I mean. That kin d of love that makes you want to call your parents at the age of 40 just because you had a bad day.

What I am most thankful for and grateful for is being able to spend m,y life with my best friend, I know that our love is a gift I can’t take for granted. After all this time he is still right here by my side. it doesn’t get any better than that.

When you have love you have most of what you need right there. Of course if you get the chance to do something nice for a stranger today do it., But kindness, love and gratitude start at home. So make sure you say thank you to the people who help you reach your goals daily. Tell them you love them like it’s the very last time, you never know when that I love you is going to be the last one.

I’m grateful to have shared part of my world with the following families dearly: I love you all. Dixsons, Wheaton, Thorns, RIchardsons, Alexanders, Glazes, Brashs,  and Headley-Johnson families. Your love gives me so many reasons to be thankful For that I am forever grateful.

Special mentions Mommy, Jamaal and NIck. Mom you are my air, Jamaal you are my strength, and courage,  Nick you are my balance and the light that beams from within in me.  I am grateful for love, forgiveness and another day. Tamia Still

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