Maize N Blue

Maize n Blue

Hear the screams from everywhere

Feel the energy in the air

I’m addicted to Big Blue

It’s a life long affair

Wolverine Nation pledge your allegiance

Buckeyes file your grievance

The only thing on my mind

Is winning the game tonight

Michigan winning the Big Ten out right

Shut it down

Go ahead bow down

Big Blue is about to clown

Check  that Wolverine swagger

Leaving foes lifeless like a cadaver

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My cutthroat family and our low down, dirty, fantasy football league.

We thought a loving family like ours how could it go wrong? This will be a great way to have fun even though we are miles apart and enjoy football that we have been bonding over our entire lives. I bleed Chicago Bears on Sundays and Maize and Blue on Saturdays. In college I spent Sundays watching the Washington Redskins with My Uncle Charles. Usually I spent my Sundays laughing because the Redskins were losing and Mr. cool would act like it was all in the plan. He did a Jerry Jones and took faith in moral victories with his Redskins 2 decades ago.  Having family in Oklahoma and family in D.C. made me despise everything related to the Dallas Cowgirls. Unfortunately, I have a knack for attracting Cowgirl nation to me. Yeah I married one and I am definitely going to hear about talking about his beloved Cowgirls I mean Cowboy later,  Other than him being a Dallas Cowboy fan he's a great husband.
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