Everything is coming up Roses on ABC’s The Mayor

Election Night in Fort Grey, California aka the premiere of  The Mayor is Tuesday, October 3, 2017, at 9:30 Eastern | 8:30 Central on ABC.  The show premieres after Blackish on ABC.

The Mayor starring Yvette Nicole Brown, Brandon Michael Hall,  Lea Michele, Bernard David Jones and Marcel Spears, is a fresh timely take on society.

While many will immediately assume the show is loosely based off a reality star with political aspirations who made it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, their assumptions would be wrong.  If there are any comparisons to be made the civic awareness of rappers like Chance the Rapper might be a better place to draw those parallels.

Yvette Nicole Brown shines in The Mayor

Yvette Nicole Brown, of Community and The New Edition Mini-Series, is golden.  She is the millennial version of everyone’s favorite Kool-Aide Mom.  Don’t act like you didn’t want to be besties with the kid with the Kool Aide mom or beam with pride if you lived in the Kool-Aide house.

Dina Rose is the kind of person ready to step in if someone needs a hug, some motherly advice, or tough love.  She is the voice of reason that keeps the show and its message from turning into a chaotic circus.  Lord knows this country could use a few motherly hugs and a strong voice of reason right now.

Mama Rose believes in her baby fiercely and the magic is going to happen when Mama sets him straight so he can soar.

In Variety’s recent review of The Mayor they key on the dynamic between Hall and Brown.  

“What Courtney discovers, with some not-so-subtle prodding from his mother, Dina (Yvette Nicole Brown), is that having something to say in hip-hop can translate to having something to say in politics, too. ”

We can change the world around us

Courtney Rose’s fresh outlook on life, the playful, sweet, comedic mishaps of his best friends and the sage wisdom of his mama, Dina Rose give us an opportunity to take off our jaded lenses for a few minutes each week. The show delivers needed commentary in a funny and light manner that doesn’t feel preachy, or judgemental of anyone currently holding a political office.

The Mayor ABC’s premise reminds me of a quote by Dr. Maya Angelou:

“If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

— Dr. Maya Angelou

Liiisten! We roll deep to support fam! So proud of my #TVbaby appearing on @jimmykimmellive for the FIRST time in support of @TheMayorABC! We premiere THIS Tuesday #October3rd at 9:30pm on @Abcnetwork! #TheMayor UPDATE: Got a lot of questions about my lip color. It is “Kae” by @colourpopcosmetics ❤ Sidebar…thanks guys I did this light “face beat” myself. 😄

Elections have consequences, and this voting season I’m using my vote to vote for The Mayor on ABC, and you should too. The Mayor premieres on ABC Tuesday, October 3, 2017, at 9:30 Eastern | 8:30 Central.

Unless otherwise noted images provided by or obtained from The Mayor ABC, @YvetteNicoleBrown.

  1. Jermaine LeForge, and T.K. Clifton are the character names the actors are Bernard David Jones and Marcel Spears.

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