SportyRich Goes to Harvard

SportyRich Goes to Harvard
SportyRich Goes to Harvard

A Harvard Success HUMBLED by the warmth & kindness Harvard Students showed myself & @617mikebiv ‪We LOVED Harvard’s AMAZING Career Development STAFF! What an amazing partnership we have cultivated! Thank You @teashabivins for believing in your Husband and having the girls witness something very special today. #harvard

Today was a good day @networkingman14 and i made history #Harvard #staff #Lilsupremes! The first stop to our speaking tour and sharing our journeys ! ! photo cred @teashabivins 10/20/17 bday girl…God bless Mike L.Biv

Michael Bivins – Harvard University 10/19/17 photo credit Savannah Bivins

On October 19, 2017, Boston’s favorite Michael Bivins completed the circle from the bricks of Roxbury, Mass to the cobblestone streets of Harvard University.

Dr. Marc Williams and Michael Bivins spoke to Harvard University students about music, entertainment, and their journeys through the worlds of sports, and entertainment.

Dr. Williams was named one of the Top 20 Inspirational Speakers in the world by CNN. He is a pioneer in sports, a pop culture expert, and part of the philosophy he tries to impart as he speaks at campuses across the country is the importance of networking in a brand/image driven society.

Bivins is no stranger to motivational speaking himself. In recent months he has delivered commencement speeches, sat down with the kids of the Harlem School of the Arts, and spoken on the NAACP’s panel on gun violence. Each platform had a different audience and required a unique perspective for Bivins to get his message across. It’s a tightrope of finesse that Bivins has become very adept at navigating.

After speaking with the students at Harvard Bivins posted on Instagram about the historic event.  He also hinted there would be more campus conversations with the two dynamic speakers.

“We didn’t go live 10/19/17 but we touched lives. #Harvard @Networkingman14 and I shared our journey, and we will do more music and entertainment moments.” Michael Bivins posted on his Instagram.

Marissa Long, a Harvard University staff member, also posted on Instagram about the event for Harvard students.

“So honored to host @617mikebiv and @networkingman14 with the @harvardocs crew yesterday! This girl from Lynn, MA who danced to New Edition’s “Candy Girl” growing up was very inspired by Mike Bivins aka Mr. Boston, especially his drive, humility, community work, and dedication to educating the next generation of music/entertainment leaders. #HarvardEnt”

The response Dr. Williams and Michael Bivins received from Harvard University students and Harvard’s Career Development Staff shows just how much the dynamic duos’ words and time were appreciated.

Robin Mount, The Director of Career Research, and International Opportunities Office of Career Services gave Bivins and Williams an open invitation to return anytime after receiving numerous responses about the event from her staff.

Bivins has spent three decades on stage as a member of New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe. His time in the music business has given him insight and knowledge to the inner workings of a business that requires skill and wisdom to navigate.

Bivins AKA Sporty Rich has never lost touch with the Orchard Park section of Boston/Roxbury Mass that he grew up in. That connection to his roots seems to drive him to use his platform to motivate, inspire and help others.

When Bivins is not working in the community, or speaking to educate and empower others he is still delighting fans on stages across the world with Bell Biv DeVoe and New Edition.

Michael Bivins is more than just an entertainer. He is a business man, an dynamic speaker, and a CEO making moves and the moves he’s making have common threads. The threads of family, loyalty, children, empowerment, philanthropy, financial freedom and love for the Bricks. weaves through every move he makes.

SportyRich carries that ‘Boston Strong’ mentality and the desire to be a blessing for others everywhere he goes. From the Bricks of Roxbury, to the cobblestone streets of Harvard he is an example and blessing to everyone he touches.

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