Not that Girl

It’s Bowl Season and tomorrow My Beloved Wolverines will be playing in an also ran bowl. But hey it’s a bowl game. Which means even though it isn’t on New Year’s day or after The Michigan Wolverines did indeed have a winning season. What more can a die hard fan ask than that.
I may not be the average girl next door. Not that I strive to be average, I mean who wants to be average? I’ve always liked to soar above the clouds and reach for the stars.  You know GO BIG or GO HOME. But I digress.  I woke up this morning with a feeling of glee. Which is weird because people who are extremely happy and cheery before noon worry me a little, okay a lot.  I’ve heard Ted Bundy and Charles Manson were both unusually pleasant. No one should be that happy before noon especially on a regular basis. This isn’t about serial killers or weirdos. Maybe we will talk about them next week. Today is about my great joy.
I was thinking about my favorite days of the year. They aren’t the list the average girl would give.
The first weekend of March Madness. I love it. It is so much fun listening to my better half’s friend talk about how they are going to beat me in the pools because I am going to pick the teams based on team mascots or colors. This always cracks me up. I think they may forget from time to time that I am a SPORTS WRITER. Every year they seem to be shocked when I beat them all in the ESPN POOL.

The NBA playoffs.  Especially if a team is playing old school basketball like the Showtime Lakers, or the Piston Bad Boys, or even that team in Boston with the green Larry Bird used to play for. Yes I know their  name I  just refuse to type it.
The Superbowl. What’s not to love except it means no more football for months. Still it is one of my favorite days of the year. You’ve followed these teams all season and sometimes you yourself have acquired injuries tripping over couches and tables like you were suited up and on the field with the team.Not that this has every happened to me.
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Out with the old in with the new and a buffet of football and the Rose Bowl parade. Plus the best part is it’s the anniversary of the first time I told Nick I loved him. Of course he said it first so. It’s a big 24 hours in our house.
The Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend which is traditionally when my beloved WOLVERINES play the Ohio State Yuckeyes. I mean what ever they call themselves. I wish Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer would take us back to the battles like the ones shared by Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes.
The kickoff of Michigan Football season. There is nothing better than hearing the crowd in the Big House even if you are watching it on TV.

The first Thursday after Labor Day. This is the official kickoff of the  NFL season.
The  first weekend of the NFL Playoffs because it’s the anniversary of when I met Nick.
My absolute favorite day of the year is this coming Sunday. When the NFL season kicks off in full force. 113 of the sixteen games that will be played this week will be played on Sunday. By midnight I will be in an official football coma happy as all get out. Dying to see the every replay. Checking fantasy reports. Checking to see how my predictions for the games are going. I can’t wait.
So I guess I’m not a regular girl at all. My favorite day isn’t Valentines. Christmas okay Christmas is kind of dear to me because two of my favorite people were born on that day. But it’s not  my birthday or any other holiday. My favorite days are all dear to me because of the memories tied to those sporting events.
I’m writing this as a I watch the first NFL game of the season on my phone as I write this on my tablet. So glad to have football back.I missed you old friend. Are You Ready for some Football?  You bet I am.

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