One day we won’t be marching

I know today’s blog is supposed to be about wishes. I haven’t lost track of the days I know it’s Wednesday. But what better wish than to live in a world where all of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream is a reality.

Marching On

Trials and tribulation

Prompted our parents to march for desegregation

Common sense took a vacation

Riots and fires broke out

A King went to Washington to speak out

The Emancipation Proclamation

Has been inherited by the Hip Hop Nation

Many are enslaved in drug rehabs and prison plantations

Picking cotton a distant memory

The truth is bitter and gory

Fools us into telling a different story

Some are bound by ignorance

Because it’s too painful to reminisce

Instead of brains and intellect

We’re praised for the balls we deflect

Stereotypes Civil Rights Marchers fought hard to reject

Inheritors of the dream now embrace and protect

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