Practice, Practice Are We talking about Practice?

I was so excited to see the return of football last week. After the long drought between the Superbowl and the  Hall of Fame game I was doing cartwheels.  But let’s be real after the Hall of Fame Game it’s just PRACTICE. Preseason is just televised practice. It’s not real football. It’s not even a game it’s practice.

Most die hard NFL fans realize that preseason means nothing. That fact seems to have escaped the New Orleans Saints fans. Yesterday was the Saints first preseason game of the 2013 season and people were throwing game parties like it was the Superbowl. Are you kidding me?It’s preseason people. Ok Now when it comes to football especially the Michigan Wolverines and my beloved Chicago Bears there isn’t a bigger fan. I allegedly, could have possibly gotten into some minor scrapes defending my teams. Don’t beleive a word Rashieda Hay says. Lol love you girl. But never has this madness occurred in PRESEASON.  I mean we are still talking about practice, practice practice .
I’d like to be able to tell you whether the Saints or the Chiefs won tonight’s practice game but I can’t. Why? because I don’t care. It’s a scrimmage. It’s practice and it DOES NOT MATTER. Clearly I’m a little confused by the level of fan craziness that occurs in New Orleans whenever their beloved Saints take the field.
I have  heard some of the craziest things in the last 24 hours that as a real football fan I am ashamed to repeat because anyone who likes football should know better. But it takes a special kind of person to be a Saints fan I guess. Lets be clear before we go any further some of the most outrageous things were uttered by men. Not that football knowledge has a gender but I didn’t want anyone making an erroneous assumption.
The most ridiculous thing I heard int he last 4 hours, I wonder why Jeremy Shockey didn’t play tonight? Probably because he hasn’t played for the Saints since the 2010 season.  And If you believe the rumors he is the reason the Saints had such a bad season last year because he was allegedly the snitch who exposed Bounty Gate. That could have a lot to do with him not being in black and gold tonight. But what do I know?  I may be wrong  but somehow, I doubt it. The next asinine thing I heard was is Reggie Bush hurt? I loved him when he was with Kim Kardashian I hope they get back together.  Anyway, the smart thing to do will be to wait to play him once the season starts so he doesn’t get hurt. Um, people if you are going to pretend to be a die hard fan I’m going to really need you to know the players on your roster. Reggie Bush played in Miami for at least 3 seasons and is currently playing for the Detroit Lions.  The Saints aren’t saving him for the magical 34 34 French Quarter sneak play. He doesn’t play for the Black and Gold anymore.  The dumbest thing I heard had absolutely nothing to do with football. Apparently this die hard fan who still believes Reggie Bush is still a Saint is holding out hope that Kim and Reggie will get back together even though both Reggie and Kim are married to different people.  I guess she missed the gold digger’s memo. Alert, alert Kim Kardashian has ascended to the top of the Gold Digger’s throne by marrying  Kanye West. This poor delusional child said, “If Kim and Reggie get back together and he adopts her daughter her daughter’s name would be North Bush.” Really? It is bad enough her name Is North West why would you wish North Bush on someone? If that doesn’t sound like a stripper name I don’t know what does. I digress.
It’s gonna be a long practice, I mean preseason. I’m counting the days because in just over two weeks my MICHIGAN WOLVERINES take the field for real.  September and the real NFL season can’t get here soon enough. I don’t know how many more inane comments I can sit through and just nod and smile. I mean I am a sports writer and I feel it is my duty to rid the world of sports ignorance. Some days some of you make it really hard on a sister. There is only so much foolishness one soul can destroy.

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