The Last O.G. returns

TBS renews The Last O.G. for season two proving 2nd Chances are indeed a beautiful thing. 

Season 2 of  TBS’ hit comedy The Last O.G. returns April 2, 2019. The comedy sheds a light on real family issues with a side of joy that only comedic icons like Tracy Morgan, Cedric The Entertainer, and Tiffany Haddish have built their careers on.

The Last O.G. will surprise you

If you tuned into The Last O.G. expecting a drawn out, over extended, Saturday Night Live skit the jokes on you.

“It’s not your regular old slapstick comedy. These characters feel like people you can kind of recognize and relate too.” –Cedric the Entertainer.

The new sitcom from Jordan Peele, Tracy Morgan, features well developed characters.  Whether you’re from Brooklyn, Boca Raton, or Bellevue, WA everyone can relate to the dynamics of the show.

After 15 years in prison Tray Barker (Tracy Morgan) is released with time off for good behavior. He is out of touch with society, reality, and going through it. Jay-Z and Biggie’s Brooklyn are MIA. Tray finds the Brooklyn he loved replaced with a whitewashed, gentrified coffee shop on every other corner version of itself. In fact, the only thing that’s still the same in Tray’s world isn’t a thing at all, his cousin Bobby remains well cousin Bobby. Don’t act like you don’t know Cousin Bobby. In most families cousin Bobby is cousin Ray Ray, cousin Pookie, Mookie, your Uncle Keith, Darnell, or Tyrone. Tray tries to comes to grips with all the changes and make up for lost time.

All Tray wants to do is find a way for this new world order to make sense, bond with his kids and stay out of jail. His soulmate is married to someone else,  and he is the father of twins he didn’t know about.  His daughter (Taylor Mosby) is a streetwise smart cracking clap backing version of her mother. Shahzad (Dante Hoagland)is a thoughtful, introspective kid. He’s the voice of reason. Meanwhile Tray  finds himself pleading his case to his daughter Amira.

“I did 15 years in a federal penitentiary. When I look at you, your brother, and your mom, I see what I missed out on. I see what I lost” Tray Barker – The Last O.G.

An O.G. on a truth safari in Brooklyn

Tiffany Haddish plays Shay, a mom of 15-year-old twins Amira and Shahzad.  Tray’s release means Shay needs to figure out how to co-parent teenagers with him and her husband Josh (Ryan Gaul). Cedric The Entertainer ups the comedic value even more in the role of Miniard Mulins. He runs the half-way house Tray is staying in after his release from prison.

In the third episode entitled ‘Truth Safari’  Shay’s husband Josh tells Tray where the kids go to school. The slip up gives him the chance to reach out to his kids.

Tray convinces the twins to join him on a truth safari. During the afternoon he shows them Brooklyn the way he remembers it.   The safari also becomes the catalyst for the background on his relationship with Shay.

When Shay learns Josh told Tray where the kids are she panics. Josh tries to convince her Tray won’t hurt his kids. Once she calmed down that might’ve been ok, but poor unassuming Josh took his critical thinking a step further. He also informed his wife that she also bears responsibility for the situation.  It was her decision to withhold her pregnancy from the twins’ dad. Bless his poor heart.

Shay takes the rebuke in stride and tells Josh she’s not worried at all. because he’ll hurt them. Her furrowed brow as she stands in the window looking in the distance tells a different story. In reality, she’s worried because she knows they’ll like their dad.
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The Last O.G.came out the gate swinging. It premiered with some of the highest ratings cable television has seen in a while.

In addition to claiming the strongest TBS original debut ever, the comedy racked up quite a few other impressive numbers. Over 6.9 million total viewers tuned into the show over the three-night launch on TBS and TNT following the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four.

Star studded cast made an easy layup with fans by combining heart and laughter to deliver an instant hit.

Tracy Morgan, Tiffany Haddish, and Cedric The Entertainer’s comedic chops drive the show. TBS ordered a second season of The Last O.G. after airing only three episodes.

Dante Hoagland and Taylor Mosby elevate The Last O.G. from a one-dimensional comedy to must see TV. The writers delivered a great show. The young stars on the show knock it out the park. Whether your laughing, or on the verge of tears the characters in The Last O.G. tug at your heart strings and remind you of a couple people you know or used to know.

If you’re not watching The Last O.G. you need to rethink your TV goals and get your life together.  Luckily for you TBS and Tracy Morgan believe 2nd chances are a beautiful thing. The first three episodes are streaming on demand. Catch all of the heartwarming fun with  The Last OG  starring Tracy Morgan, Tiffany Haddish, Cedric The Entertainer, Ryan Gaul, Allen Maldonado, Dante Hoagland, and Taylor Mosby Tuesdays 10:30/9:30c on TBS.

New episodes air on TBS every Tuesday at 10:30 pm Eastern.

Do you think everyone deserves a second chance? Let us know what you think in the comments below and live tweet with us each week.

Unless otherwise noted images courtesy of TBS.

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