Road Trip 2014 Happy New Year

Every new year people make an effort to stick to their resolutions. I’m going to keep mine real simple I’m going to do the best I can for as long as it lasts.  The last quarter of 2013 I wasn’t very good with sticking to the  Road Map for our journey along the road of life. The train derailed and I never seemed to get it back n track. I’ll try to do better this year.  New look, new peaks and valleys, same old stroke of  life philosophy. We are going to have some fun, maybe shed a few tears, sometimes we may even have to get out that switch out for a few folks but what ever the new year brings we will get through together. Se you tomorrow, same bat channel, sometimes between midnight and midnight.  Peace, love and style. Oh BTW since college football season is over and the NFL is rapidly drawing to a close I promise to fill the football fodder with interesting topics and maybe just maybe if we put our heads, hearts, and minds to together we can change the world.
When I decided this blog I jumped in head first.. I’m pretty much like that in every aspect of my life. I go big or stay at home. You know how those type personalities are. Again I am not admitting to any stereotypes that may be implied.
I’ve been writing A Stroke of Life for a few weeks now and like most thing s in my life when I get out my own way things are falling into place. I realize most of you have better tings to do then sit patiently by waiting for the notification that I’ve finally gotten around to blogging. So I thought I’d give you a rough map of what you can hope to find on any given day. Hope it helps. I reserve to right to write something completely different and unrelated to the things I post underneath these words. I may even change my mind before  I finish typing. But for now here’s the plan.
Monday: Monday is a scary day. Just about anything can come up on Monday. Monday may be a good day to buckle up before you check in.
Tuesday:  Well after who knows what may happen on Monday I figured we needed a day to regroup. Tuesdays is Gratitude or Thankful Tuesdays
Wednesday: I wish Wednesday. I am not going ot say every week I wish for a world peace. Wednesday Wish day will be about goals and achieving them. I will secretly wish for world peace but I won’t hold my breath.
Thursdays: Okay clearly I am a work in progress. I  honestly try to be positive and look at the silver lining every day. But I am not there yet so just in case and so I don’t disappoint anyone going in well just about anything can happen on Thursdays. May be Scandal updates when the  new season starts or it may be about those wonderful shoes I secretly bought that I can’t wear because though they are beautiful they hurt my feet like an ancient torture chamber.
Fridays is Pay It Forward Friday. I’m still a work in progress but I am trying to journey to a better me. Maybe if I’ma  better me I can do my part to live in a better world.
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Let’s just. I will try my best to be positive on Sunday. It is the Sabbath. Football season is right around the corner and I am a bonfide fanatic. I;m not kidding. i may need football rehab so there is a good chance Saturday will feature a lot of my beloved Maize and Blue Michigan Wolverines, and Sunday a lot of teh Monsters of the Midway Th Chicago Bears. To be fair and so I don’t get run out of New Orleans I’m sure  will mention those Saints. Also I will have to mention the Dallas Cowgirls at some point in time unless I want to end up in Divorce court. Nick is really serious about his Dallas Cowboys (Cowgirls). I despise the Cowgirls but not enough to upset my better half.
So there you have it.  Oh and once football season starts I’m sure a referee will make some dumb call that will cause me to put on my jersey and helmet and become a Monday morning quarterback.
Stay tuned. I’ll be here tomorrow sometime same bat channel.

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