Sanaah Bivins, the youngest member of the Bivfam, turns one.

Sanaah’s chubby cheeks and sweet smiles are an entire mood whenever her parents post her on social media. The bit of spunk behind the youngest
Sanaah Bivins, the youngest member of the Bivfam turns one.
Sanaah Bivins, the youngest member of the Bivfam turns one.
Everyone believes their babies are the cutest, smartest, sweetest children anyone every laid eyes on. In Michael and Teasha Bivins’ case, there’s irrefutable proof to support that theory. Their four children, Savannah, Shilah, Starlah, and Sanaah Bivins are mirror images of their parents. If having a family was measured like games in the NBA Finals, it would be a sweep.  Mike and Teasha are 4-0 in the baby cuteness department. Their 3 oldest daughters are talented, respectful, individuals. Sanaah is already following in her sisters’ footsteps. Sanaah is already a perfect Biv blend of her parents. From sweet mommy daughter duets, to rocking iPad cases as hats with the same flair as daddy in his SportyRich lids, it’s impossible not to smile when she’s on the scene. She celebrated her first birthday at home. Friends and family partied at a Cinco De Mayo themed extravaganza. The Lil Supremes and their mom sported bright festive dresses for the milestone occasion. Daddy even joined in on the themed fun trading in his usual lid for a sombrero. Mom and dad received a grinning stamp of approval from the guest of honor. She flashed her little smile along with her two pearly whites in every picture. Sanaah’s chubby cheeks and sweet smiles are an entire mood. The bit of spunk behind the youngest Lil Supremes smile and the sparkle in her eye reminds me of the inspirational poem, Hey Black Child by Useni Perkins. The poetic verses encourage kids to dream their biggest wildest dreams. Inspired by Perkins’ poem, I decided to write a short verse to celebrate Sanaah’s first birthday. You can check out the full length version of Hey Black Child by Perkins here, and Sanaah’s birthday poem below. Happy birthday Sanaah Bivins may each of your birthdays be more incredible than your wildest dreams. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Today is my day  I’m officially one  and ready to have bunches of fun May 3, is for bows and ribbons  Dimpled smiles  And all things Bivins  Today is going to be a magical affair  I know there’ll be plenty of cake to share Of course there’ll be music  We’ll dance all day and night  I’ll giggle  While everyone smiles  At my birthday bounce and wiggle The last year has been so much fun  I learned a lot of new things  On this journey to one Next year when I turn two  there will be even more things I can do But that’s a whole year from now I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride Loving every minute with with my family by my side My eyes are shining bright  Mommy picked out a fly fit  My bangles & ribbons set it off just right Lets laugh and play Because today is my 1st birthday  Come on world it’s time for fun because today world Sanaah is One . **I do not own the  rights to these images. All images obtained from Teasha or Michael Bivins unless otherwise noted.
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