Savannah Bivins is 11, and the Blueprint for Big Sisters
Savannah Bivins is 11, and the Blueprint for Big Sisters

Music icon Michael Bivins and his wife, real-estate mogul Teasha are the proud doting parents of four beautiful girls – Savannah, Shilah, Starlah, and Sanaah. Savannah is the leader of the Lil Supremes as they are affectionately called by their parents.

Savi is the power couple’s’ blueprint. The preteen is already following in her parent’s footsteps and making her own niche. From the honor roll to performing on stages, to landing a paying gig as a makeup artist, she’s putting us all on notice. The future is female, and her name is Bivins.

Her smile might be a carbon copy of daddy’s, but she’s the perfect blend of Teasha and Mike. Whether she’s balling on the court that bears her dad’s name, baking up a sweet treat in the kitchen, performing in plays or dance recitals, her charm, humility, grace, beauty, brains, and athleticism are always on display with her signature smile.

Savannah seems to excel at everything she does including being the best big sister the Lil Supremes could ask for. She leaves a trail of noir pixie dust behind her. She is ‘black girl magic’ and excellence personified.  Frequently photographed with a protective arm around her sisters’ shoulders, it’s easy to see the love between the girls.

At 11, Savannah is already the blueprint for big sis.

Not only is she smart, respectful, and talented, she also a great baker. So while she’s passing down sisterly advice, she can also bake you something yummy.  Truthfully, who doesn’t need something home baked and delicious every now and then? Of course, we don’t want the Bivins girls to grow too soon, but if you close your eyes you can almost see them running the Big Empire, and giggling at inside jokes over dinner. The bond between the Bivins girls is absolutely #sistergoals.

Savannah celebrated her 11th birthday on August 12, 2018. Happy 11th birthday to one of the coolest ladies on the planet. (Photos: Teasha and Michael Bivins)


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