Let Me Say Thank You

I guess most of you have realized by now that I am a little unconventional. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise you that my weekly gratitude blog isn’t going to be the people you expect. I’m sure many thought I’d rave about my mamma, not that she doesn’t deserve it. She is definitely worthy and if I do  say so myself I couldn’t have a better mom. She is a BEAST. Love you Mommy. But this isn’t about My mom.

I could thank my brother because he is simply awesome and he FINALLY stop offering me those gummy graham crackers with carpet fibers on them but nope it’s not him either. So it must be my dad or my family. Wrong again not that they aren’t worthy but nope this first gratitude blog is for a very special group of people. I guess that means this isn’t going to be a gushy love letter to my better half. Though after putting up with me all these years he needs more than a public thank you. That man is a definite saint. Love you babe.

Of course I could thank God. So many people forget to thank our maker for giving us all our blessings and make our lives possible and bringing us through our struggles. I’m grateful everyday for all those people and influences in my life.

Now here is the shocker my first blog on gratitude and thanksgiving is not to any of the people who have supported me because they love me and see something special in me. Nope it’s dedicated with enormous thanks to the people who have told me time and again I’ll never amount to anything. The gracious souls who told me if I tried to write a book I’d fail. Guess they were wrong my first book is on amazon.com making moves like Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the race track.  There’s also a nod to my freshman writer proffesor in college who told me I could never be a sports journalist because and I quote ” You have breasts how do you think that is going to work out for you,” Well Professor so far so good. I’ve worked for major newspapers, MLB, the NBA and interned with a Riddick Bowe’s public relations firm. When you are good at your job those silly breast don’t even get in the way.

Thought I was going to let a few of you off the hook I bet. Oh no I saved the last  for the best.  To the astute people who told me I was dumb currently I’m pulling a 4.00 at one of the best schools in the country despite all the odds against me. You are fat and ugly. Honey hush. Am I thick? You bet your bottom dollar I am. 34 DDD 30 inch waist thighs 36.  with the deepest dimples when I smile. My baby says I look like an old fashioned hourglass or coca cola bottle. I’ll take that over a bone any day. Exes who said without me you’ll never be anything. Your dreams are stupid why don’t you become a secretary. Women know nothing about sports. Not to toot my own horn but beep beep. I’ll put my sports knowledge up against any man’s any day. I may lose but not by much. This is my favorite: one day you’ll realize you are nothing and you’ll come running back. Excuse me while I roflmao at this nonsense.

I have never set a goal for myself I couldn’t or didn’t accomplish. have I had some set backs of course. That’s life. Everyone who told me I’d fail, I couldn’t do it, I’d look like  fool, I’ll never find anyone to love me,  or I’ll never succeed pin this to your mirror and watch me soar. I’m not sure but I think you may be wrong. I’ll be the first to admit I’m no Stephen King or James Patterson but I’m doing me and I’m working it out. When I logged in to do my blog to day I discovered I have followers in Canada only 2, but hey I’m glad they are taking this wild ride with me. I have 1 in Honduras, and one in some place called Slovania, and 4 in France. Not bad for a girl who was told 3 weeks ago she couldn’t blog her way out of an imaginary paper bag.

So to the dream killers, haters, doubters, and  just bad mojo spreaders. Thank you SO VERY MUCH. Keep doubting me. It makes me better. I’ve discovered that anyone that focused on coming up with ways to destroy my dreams couldn’t possibly be doing anything positive on their own. If I were you I’d try to work on succeeding on your on dreams. But if that’s too much for you I’ll drink the haterade because every time you tell me I can’t, I realize I can. So my success are partly yours as well and for that I thank you greatly.

Next week’s gratitude Tuesday may not even be a person, but it will be something or someone who altered my life I a way that I will forever be grateful for, Make sure you come back and find out what come’s next.

Today when you feel like saying something negative just be quiet and start counting all the reason you have to be thankful. Peace love and Style

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