Shonda Rhimes loves a good crossover event that makes sense in the storyline. When Private Practice was on, the doctors from Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice made regular visits between the two shows. The Scandal crossover event is something fans have dreamed about since Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) first appeared on their TV screens on How To Get Away With Murder. 

Embattled heroines Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating have wrecked havoc and destroyed many lives. The Scandal crossover event gives two #TGIT legends the chance to balance the scales and do some good. It also gives the women a chance to rack up a few of brownie points. Fans are thrilled to see the return of Gladiator Pope even if the return is temporary.

Annalise and Olivia face plenty of personal demons getting the case fast tracked to the Supreme Court. For Olivia that means going toe to toe with President Mellie Grant, the gladiators, and Jake Ballard. Annalise and her band of misfits battle her alcohol cravings, guilt, proud parents, and Michaela and Marcus’ sexual urges. All that takes place in the first hour while the crossover event airs during Scandal’s time.

How To Get Away With Murder Hour 2

Once the second hour starts opposing counsel continues to push Annalise to her breaking point. Minutes before arguing her case in front of the highest court in the land Annalise is crumpled in a ball on the floor sobbing trying to get Olivia to understand she can’t go through with it. Olivia sends Michaela to get a bottle of vodka for Annalise. When Michaela tries to argue Annalise is a recovering alcholic Olivia brushes the information off and repeats the demand. After Micheala returns Olivia tells her to go.

The tense scene between the women is pure TV gold. In the first hour we watch as the ladies battle for position. Neither is acustomed to being taken care of or asking for help. When the fixer realizes she needs a fixer her vulnerability causes Annalise to lash out at Olivia.In the second hour the women have gone beyond the threshold of competition and mistrust and are beginning to forge a friendship. The best part of the Scandal crossover event is the seed of friendship that is blooming for Annalise and Olivia. Keating and Pope sit with their heads resting on each other’s shoulder’s on the floor of the ladies lounge swigging vodka straight out of the bottle until Annalise is ready to argue her case.

Annalise and Olivia had their day in the Supreme Court. Eloquent, composed, and passionate Keating’s plea was worth the price of admission alone.

Gladiators and Humans

Fans tuning in assumed the focus of the crossover event would center on getting the case to the Supreme Court. It wasn’t.

Pope and Keating have spent their lives championing causes for others. For once they have a chance to bond with an equal.  To find a person with as many sins and skeletons, to lean on is not an easy task. When the balance of power is unequal friendship is unattainable. Fingers crossed we see Pope and Keating together again soon and not just to work a high-profile case.

The attraction between Michaela and Marcus was the other winning subplot of the night. Their chemistry burned so hot between the two of them one wonders how Shonda Rhimes managed to get their scenes shot without the film bursting into flame.

The highlight of the television event came from the humanity of the characters. Everyone in this episode evolved and briefly became a better human in the span of 116 minutes. Unfortunately, in the final minutes of the crossover event reality came crashing back in. Annalise received a reminder in the closing scene. Win or lose one Supreme Court case can’t erase all the sins of the past. Annalise’s sins never stay buried for long.

Now that Scandal is ending, will Olivia Pope find redemption for her sins by teaming up with Annalise Keating to save the innocent? Now that the two fixers have laid the foundation of a friendship maybe Pope and Keating’s orbits will cross on a  regular basis.

If you missed any of the #TGITCrossover event featuring Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, re-watch the special event on Hulu beginning March 2, 2018.



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