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Karintha Styles
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When Cookie Lyons reached out to Eddie Barker to help with the day-to-day running of Empire Entertainment, she thought she had someone she could depend on. A music legend and old family friend, Barker was supposed to be the one person Cookie could trust while Lucious recovered from the car bombing. Initially, Uncle Eddie lived up to the hype. He gave the label stability and let the Lyons focus on helping Dwight/Lucious.

But on Empire, everyone has an ulterior motive and agenda. When Eddie’s money issues come to light he sets a plan in motion to solve them by stealing Empire Entertainment from his protege and oldest friends.

Eddie vs. the Lyons

Music mogul Eddie Barker is about to discover that taking down the Lyons family is dangerous. He plans to solve his money issues by stealing Lucious and Cookie’s company.

Eddie’s wife Giselle showed up at Empire detailing their money troubles to him before he turned the reigns of the company back over to Lucious and Cookie full time. He told her he had a plan to get all the money they would ever need.

Eddie and Kelly Patel

Eddie pretends to prove his loyalty to Cookie and Lucious by setting up a deal with a tech giant for Empire Entertainment. Eddie and Kelly Patel meet with the Lyons. Later, Eddie and Kelly discuss the dysfunction that surrounds the family. Eddie assures the tech giant that everything is going according to plan.

The Plot

Eddie gets busy dividing the family from the Empire. He goes to Jamal and suggests he should bow out of the concert celebrating Empire‘s 20th Anniversary. Uncle Eddie explains Jamal’s parents would never ask him to walk away from the event, but he should do what’s best for the company. After thinking about Eddie’s advice Jamal withdraws from the show. The withdrawal leaves Jamal feeling like he is an albatross around his family’s neck.

During rehearsal, sparks fly between Hakeem and Tianna. Eddie tells her to focus on her career and not reuniting with Hakeem. She turns down Hakeem’s marriage proposal. Tianna’s reaction to his proposal devastates Hakeem.

Lucious and Cookie try to deal with Andre’s confession. When Cookie ends up in the hospital fighting for her life, the family focuses on the matriarch instead of Eddie. He takes advantage of that and tries to solidify his plan to take over the family business.

Andre gets wind of Eddie’s plan to steal Empire Entertainment from his family. Will he be able to convince Lucious Eddie is a threat before he takes everything Lucious and Cookie built? The Lyons have proven they are formidable when people attack them. The graveyard and prisons are full of people who tried to destroy the Lyons. He mentored Lucious and he’s one of his oldest friends. Will that be edge someone needs to take down the Lyons family, or will Eddie become the latest victim of the Lyon family?

Check out this sneak peek from next week’s episode with commentary from some of the stars of Empire.

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