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Big Bang Theory’s final season finds Sheldon and Amy in wedded bliss

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Sheldon and Amy start their married life in true Cooper form. The bridegroom surprises his beloved with breakfast in bed. Traditional pancakes and bacon is way too much for the childlike genius. With a flourish, he presents Amy with breakfast made from Lego pieces.

Amy yearns for spontaneity in her relationship.  Sheldon insists coitus must occur according to his well-planned schedule. When Sheldon married Amy the only thing that changed is the number of addendums he makes to his relationship agreements.

He tries to explain to Amy that scheduling coitus is the best way to ensure they have a pleasant and fulfilling marriage. Scheduled events aren’t forgotten or taken for granted.

After 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory is embarking on its final voyage. During the show’s 12 seasons Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard have all found love and married their respective soul mates. Meanwhile, Raj’s most successful relationship to date is with his Yorkshire terrier.

A Penny For Your Thoughts and Tweets

Everyone’s favorite fifth wheel kicks off the season by engaging in a Twitter war with Neil deGrasse Tyson who stars as himself in the premiere episode. Raj thinks a Twitter war with Tyson will help his popularity and increase his notoriety.

Raj thinks the battle of tweets is the scientific equivalent of Nikki Minaj and Cardi B battling it out on social media. Bernadette tries unsuccessfully to get him to stop the negative tweeting before he does irreparable damage to his career or standing.

When Tyson calls Raj out and demands they settle this disagreement face to face Raj quickly realizes the error of his ways.

The hit show has 23 more episodes left in the series run. Recently Kelly Cuoco spoke about her hopes for the series finale.

The stairs have gotten more and more exhausting as our seasons have gone on,” she told Corden. “You know, season 1 and 2, we’re running up there. Now it’s season 12. We’re all a little bit older. A little more difficult getting up those steps, so I’d like that elevator to work.

Are you sad to see The Big Bang Theory coming to an end or are you glad they’re ending the show before it jumps the shark? How do you want to see The Big Bang Theory end?  CBS’ hit comedy series airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on CBS. The series finale airs May 16, 2019, on CBS. Check your local listings for details.

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