Shilah Bivins dances her way into double digits
Shilah Bivins dances her way into double digits

Break out the balloons, pump up the volume, and dance! Michael and Teasha Bivins’ daughter Shilah turned 10 on September 20, 2018.

Shi, as she’s affectionately called by her family, is a well-rounded kid. The second member of the ‘Lil Supremes’ excels at school, athletics, and dance. She’s polite, kind and quick-witted. During a recent family outing Shilah’s jokes while the other members of the #Bivfam flew through the air were pure comedy gold.

After Shi’s kindergarten graduation her mom posted a very touching message about her second oldest child.

Shilah is very athletic, energetic and the life of the party! We are so proud of her and thankful to God for keeping her healthy and letting her grow into the smart, beautiful girl she is today! – Teasha Bivins

A few years have gone by since that post but her fun and effervescent nature remains the same. She’s smart, talented, and a joy to be around.

Shilah Bivins’ Rhythm Nation

Check out some of our favorite snippets of her dancing in the videos down below. Whether she’s channeling Janet Jackson, or entertaining her mom and sisters while dad is on the road touring she’s always pure black girl magic.

At ten Shilah has mastered the art of living life-like it’s golden. The joy she exudes when she’s with her family or on stage dancing is contagious.

In addition to approaching life with a sunny smile Shilah is is also an excellent student like her sisters Savannah and Starlah. All three of the girls are on the honor roll.  When the time comes they will definitely be able to run the Bivins’ empire with ease.  With moguls like their parents showing them the way, Shilah and her sisters can dance they way into their dreams.

If you still have doubts about her star potential, well then you just aren’t paying attention or you don’t know it when you see it. Few 10 year olds can go on stage in front of a sold out crowd and rock the stage.  During her birthday weekend of festivities Shilah danced with her dad and exchanged a special daddy/daughter handshake. Coincidently the jam session took place in front of a sold out crowd in Boston, Mass. Yep, back where it all started for New Edition some time ago. But that’s another story. Check out the Biv duo and Bobby Brown in action.

Shilah’s smile is sure to melt the coldest heart. Here’s hoping she keeps that same energy  and dances for many years to come. Happy 10th birthday Shilah.

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updated 9/26/2018


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