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Andy and Jack continue to bump heads over how Station 19 should run. Jack continues to try to win over his coworkers by playing the nice guy and making Andy the bad/rule guy. In the episode titled “Reignited,” the captains see-saw between battling for the top firefighter position to reigniting the passion they share as lovers. In other news, Ryan shows up to give Maya a “heads up” about her brother getting in trouble and Marla Gibbs’ recurring role on the show begins with this episode.

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Mom and Dad are Fighting … Again

The firefighters at Station 19 are stuck in the middle while Andy and Jack bicker like a married couple headed to divorce court. Andy blows a fuse when she comes in and discovers Jack has allowed new expensive boots for everyone. During his shift, he also allowed an expensive steak dinner for the crew.

The argument between the co-captains sparks a moment of passion. Overcome with passion, Jack and Andy end up kissing and doing the horizontal bop. Maya and Vic notice the change in Andy’s mood and question her about what happened between her and Jack to cause the improvement in her demeanor.

The co-captains stage fake fights to hide the sexual escapades taking place in the office. They tip-toe around the station house looking for chances to sneak off together. Andy reminds him workplace relationships are against the rules. Jack counters by saying those were her father’s rules and they should make their own rules. Andy disagrees.

Jack’s Moment of Clarity

While cuddling with Andy in the aftermath, Jack wonders if their relationship can survive once Chief Franco decides. He realizes he might have to take orders from Andy. The look on his face shows that change in dynamics might be more than he’s ready for. When he asks Andy if she could still love him if he was in charge of the station, she refuses to answer him.

Ryan Does a Favor for Maya

Seattle’s favorite cop tracks Maya down to let her know her brother is in lockup. Once she arrives at the station, Ryan asks her if the man sleeping in the cell is her brother. He asks her if she knows the man he arrested for stealing art supplies. She says she has to get back to the station. Ryan promises to keep her brother in lockup overnight while he sleeps off what’s in his system. Then he lets her know her brother is homeless. He offers to watch out for him because he sees him often when he’s out working his beat.
Maya’s Guilt

After seeing her brother in lockup, Maya feels guilty. While sitting in the park, she talks to Ryan about the pressures her parents put on her while she trained for the Olympics. Maya tells Ryan she knows her brother’s issues stem from the way her parents treated him. She asks Ryan what she should do about her brother living on the street and the best way to help him. Ryan promises again to watch out for him while he’s on patrol.

Marla Gibbs Starts Her Recurring Role

Acclaimed actress Marla Gibbs as Edith. Travis (Jay Haden) has a soft spot for the elderly lady. When he hears her address come across the radio, he takes Maya with him to check on his friend. She tells him her shoulder has popped out of the socket again. He pops her shoulder back into place and puts it in a sling.

He fussed at her about not taking care of herself. Travis wants to know why her grandson hasn’t ordered the special bed for her. She refuses any attempt to get her grandson involved in her medical care. Later, Travis returns to check on her. Edith’s grandson overhears and vows to work with Travis to get his grandmother to the doctor.

Vic is Still Having Trouble Coping

Ben offers Vic a shoulder to lean on when he realizes she is afraid. He tries to talk to her about the trauma she experienced while trapped by the blue fire. During the incident, Vic feared they would die in the fire before crew members could rescue them. She lashes out at Ben and reminds him she doesn’t have a cushy set of careers or a spouse to fall back on like he does.

Vic tells him that a firefighter can’t work if they are afraid of fire. She makes him promise not to repeat his theory to anyone else.

Jack and Andy Come to Terms

Andy tells Jack she doesn’t want the white house and the picket fence. He tells her that he needs more than sex and some fun. Andy laments the sudden change in Jack’s attitude. He tells her the fire they worked on earlier in the day made him realize he didn’t want to live without her or just have fun. While the two discuss their relationship, Andy’s father listens in from the other room.

Do you think Maya’s guilt about her brother is misplaced? What will Captain Pruitt do about Andy and Jack’s relationship? Andy tries to convince him that what they have is enough. Will Vic get her PTSD under control before it’s too late? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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