Stop Being Mary Jane

Why are females so willing to settle for whatever just so they can get a little? In most cases it’s a whole lot  of nothing with a sprinkle of something. My Wedenesday wish today is that we find our worth. If you can’t give yourself a fair appraisal you can be sure your stock isn’t as high as it could be.
Don’t go to the depths of despersation just because you are alone. There is a huge difference between being desperate and lonely and alone. It’s time for women to get their life. There are always exceptions, but if he wasn’t the one 5 years ago before you became a success, he’s still not the one now. Move away from memory lane. Women we are running countries and Fortune 500 companies but for some reason we can’t run our love lives. Please women have infinite power, we are power in its purest form. The question is are we using our power to elevate ourselves and our lives or to self destruct?

Ladies stop BEING MARY JANE. It’s not even cute on Gabrielle Union and she’s getting paid to be Mary Jane on BET’s new drama. You don’t have to share a man,  or sleep with a man who is cheating. If you can tell everyone else they are playing the fool you should already have your business in order. Why are women so quick to settle? Our grandmothers told us a long time ago, if you get a man by cheating with him, don’t be shocked when he cheats on you. Girl ain’t nobody got time for that. Married nen do not leave their wives. Women leave their husbands so if you do get him it’s only because his wife got tired of him. That’s not a prize.

A lot of my friends love this show.   I just don’t understand what is so inspiring about a woman who is alone because she settles for less than the bare minimum. A pitbull will be kind to his owner at dinner time, but it’s still a dog. Yes she has a high profile job, a fly house, expensive clothes, and a slick car but really how is that working for her. When she’s not sleeping with her ex she’s sleeping with someone else’s husband. She’s lonely, and bitter, needy, and always crying. She’s quick to tell everyone else whats wrong with their life but she can’t get her own mess right. Her entire house is covered in post it notes and her ex is saved in her phone as never answer. Stop saving men as never answer and delete them and move on with life.

I guess I am the crazy one because I just don’t see anything about this nonsense to admire.  I get it everyone who is striving for success needs a role model to look up to and inspire them,  but ladies please find someone with some sense and self respect.

Stop being Mary Janes. Stop settling. Start living the life you deserve, and that starts with you demanding the respect you sre due. Respect you are more than worthy of but the path of respect or disregard starts with you. What are you worth?

See you tomorrow, same bat channel sometime between a stroke of life and midnight. Peace, Love, and Style.

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