Teasha Bivins: Bivfam, Beauty, Brains, and Boss Moves.

Disregard the Avengers, Wonder Woman, and maybe even Black Panther, Teasha Bivins is the fiercest superhuman not currently residing in Wakanda. Yep, you read that right.  No, I don’t have a single shred of scientific evidence to support my theory, and yet I don’t need any.  Don’t @ me or tag me. I said what I said and I mean it. Teasha Bivins is a full-fledged super hero,  making super human things appear normal. Sorry Wonder Woman, life comes at you fast sometimes.

If I started naming and defining all of her job titles, descriptions, and duties her birthday (October, 20), would be over long before I finished. She’s smart, accomplished, beautiful, and the fly behind Michael Bivins’ fly.  As descriptive as those words are they only scratch the surface of who and what the dynamo  is to so many people. In addition to being Michael Bivins’ wife, Teasha is also the mother of the couple’s four gorgeous daughters, a high-powered real estate broker, an executive producer, fashionista, daughter, sister, friend, god-mother, and well you get the point…. She’s a meta-human. There’s absolutely no other explanation for her ability to do so many amazing things so flawlessly except she’s a super hero.

Boss Lady

Her resume speaks for itself.  In the business and real-estate worlds she’s a force to be reckoned with. Teasha has won numerous  real-estate awards and numerous commendations for her  work in the community. Let’s hope the trophy room in the Bivins’ home is two stories. Between Teasha’s awards,  the long list of industry and community honors bestowed on her hubby Micheal , (New Edition, Bell Biv DeVoe, RBRM) and the trophies her talented daughters StarlahSavannah, Shilah, have been awarded  the #Bivfam might need multiple trophy rooms. Keep in mind her youngest daughter Sanaah hasn’t started adding to the Bivins’ impressive list of honors. Some of Teasha’s other honors include:

  • Remax 100% Club Award
  • Bridgeport Guardians Entrepreneur Award
  • State of Connecticut Small/Minority Business Enterprise
  • Special Recognition from Congressman Jim Himes-Mary & Eliza Freeman Award
  • The 100 Women of Color Gala & Awards

Teasha the Fashionista

Mrs. Bivins is the flyest

sporty gal around. Whether she’s dressed to the nines for a red carpet event, hanging out on the beach,  or rocking a SportyRich Apparel hoodie while out with  family,  her classy elegant style appears effortless. Her signature Chanel bags and SportyRich pendant add the perfect touch to classic looks.

Family Life

Though Mike’s  Candy Girl is 11 years his junior, her maturity and outlook on life had him at hello. While doing press for the RBRM Tour, Mike talked about the special qualities that made him fall head over heels in love with his wife. In fact, all the guys in RBRM Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell and Mike told Heather B how they knew their wife was the ONE. Watch the full interview with the guys here.

Last weekend (October 14, 2019,)  the pair celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. They are the proud doting parents of 4 talented and smart girls Savannah (12), Shilah (11), Starlah (7), and Sanaah (1).

The moguls complement each other well. In addition to her real estate training Teasha also has a degree in marketing.  Her fingerprints are on many of the couples ongoing projects. In fact, her keen ear and attention to detail prompted Mike to tag his wife as executive producer on the upcoming SR Audio project. Juggling a career, raising respectful, talented girls, and supporting your husband is never an easy task. Doing it all with grace, style and making it look easy, well that’s a super power. Kudos to the coolest super hero since Wonder Woman stepped out of her invisible jet.

This is our mood all weekend, wishing Teasha Bivins the best of birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the flyest Super Hero/Wonder Woman/Mogul this side of Wakanda. Wishing you many more years of love, happiness and abundance. Keep doing your thing, and leveling up.

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