The Gig is Up, I’m not Perfect

I must admit I like to give the image that I am Wonder Woman. Well I hate to break it you but I’m just an average woman making it day to day like everybody else.

I’d love to give you a great excuse why I am 3 days behind in blogging but other than life happens well I simply don’t have one. I hope you at least had some great wine and delicious food while I was MIA.

I am a woman of my word so you will get your Wishful Wednesday post even though it now Friday. You will also get Thursday Friday’s Pay it forward posts. Better later then never right?

I have had about 11 hours of sleep maybe in the last 8 days. So I am on the verge of delirium. But a promise is a promise so hang on tight. It’s 1:30 AM y time we have 3 blogs to get through and I promised my better half I’d be in the bed asleep by 3:00 AM. LOL yeah he already knows it won’t happen. But I’m going to give it a shot.  Here we go.

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Motown Magic is better than any Mojo you can conjure up.

Detroit used to be a place where people didn't just work hard,  they dreamed, then they made the impossible happen.  I could tell you a little story about a guy named Berry Gordy, but I don't have all night. Detroit has had some bad press lately. High crime rates, bankruptcy, the auto bailout still it is where I started this journey. I know that for most when they think of Detroit the image they see is this. A city that can't keep it's street lights on, a city struggling on life support, ready to be unhooked and put out of its misery at any moment. This will never be my Detroit. I'm a little bias. I still think the Renaissance Building is one of  the most beautiful buildings ever built. I remember all the circuses my mom took us to in Cobbo Hall or Joe Louis Arena,. The best thing about Christmas was seeing the Nutcracker and then going to Hudson's Magical Wonderland. You can grow up, but a little of your childhood will always be right there under the surface. You can move thousands of  miles away , but  all it takes is one chord from a  song and your right back home again cleaning your room singing in a hairbrush and practicing the new Temptations or Gladys Knight and the Pips moves. You can leave Motown but Motown never leaves you. BTW, I never sang into a hairbrush, but I know peopel who might have.  I know many people think I'm too young to have a Motown soundtrack to my life but I'm not. Motown made music that still tells a story that is timeless today.
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