The Gig is Up, I’m not Perfect

I must admit I like to give the image that I am Wonder Woman. Well I hate to break it you but I’m just an average woman making it day to day like everybody else.

I’d love to give you a great excuse why I am 3 days behind in blogging but other than life happens well I simply don’t have one. I hope you at least had some great wine and delicious food while I was MIA.

I am a woman of my word so you will get your Wishful Wednesday post even though it now Friday. You will also get Thursday Friday’s Pay it forward posts. Better later then never right?

I have had about 11 hours of sleep maybe in the last 8 days. So I am on the verge of delirium. But a promise is a promise so hang on tight. It’s 1:30 AM y time we have 3 blogs to get through and I promised my better half I’d be in the bed asleep by 3:00 AM. LOL yeah he already knows it won’t happen. But I’m going to give it a shot.  Here we go.

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